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Submitted by extermin8or 1322d ago | review

IGN: The Amazing Spiderman Review

IGN's Review of The Amazing Spiderman Game. (3DS, PC, PS3, The Amazing Spider-Man, Wii, Xbox 360) 7/10

AngelicIceDiamond  +   1322d ago
This might be the fanboy in me but, all the other reviews gave it 9.00's and 8.00's IGN's a big game site but I think the other small reviewers beats Ign's review out. But a 7.00 isn't a bad score though.
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Zabby91  +   1322d ago
... Greg Miller gave Gravity Rush a 7.5/10.
Just throwing it out there.
LOGICWINS  +   1322d ago
And whats your point exactly? 7.5 is a good score, which implies that the game comes recommended by him.
MattyG  +   1322d ago
I actually agree with his review of Gravity Rush. Not the score, but the content of the review.
Zabby91  +   1322d ago
Good score my a##.
In the gaming industry, a triple-A with a vote less than 8 is considered a no-buy.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1322d ago
IGN's scores have been on the low end recently.
Gravity Rush, Spider Man(movie and game) average higher than IGN's score.


EeJLP-  +   1322d ago
That sounds like the kind of BS Lollipop Chainsaw fans were spewing after the first 2 reviews came out.

No everyone isn't giving Spiderman 9s or it wouldn't have a mid70s meta and GR score (like LC's ~68 average).

GameInformer 6.75
Gamespot 7.5
1UP C-
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Kurt Russell  +   1321d ago
It has become silly how games all score between 8 and 10 apart from the odd super crap one... I am all for IGN reviewing lower scores as long as their reasons are consistent. I consider 7 a fine score... plenty of great 7 out of 10 games out there.

I am especially confused by people who call out a sites scores having never experienced a game themselves... thats just box of chocolates retarded.
LOGICWINS  +   1322d ago
Ummm...when u read a review, is all you see is numbers? Because thats all uve talked about. What about READING THE WORDS in the review to see of the same cons of the reviewer apply to you?
DigitalAnalog  +   1322d ago
Blame the review sites..
They give way too much 8's and 9's that the average "5" no longer has any merit.
LOGICWINS  +   1322d ago about blame the gamers that take everything these reviewers say like the word of God?
homer  +   1322d ago
I find it funny that people only use this arguement when a game people are looking forward to doesn't perform well in ratings.
Heartnet  +   1322d ago
The numbers are there for a reason... they give a overview of the game in less than 5 seconds and the review knows this when they right it out..

If a game is a 7 its average nowadays i dont care what they wrote as they know the number is what matters to most.

The ones u read are the ones that dont give a score cuz they know people will dismiss what they wrote if they include a number.. IGN know this and include one...
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1322d ago
From the reviews I read 7-8 seems like the score one would give this game if they aren't a huge Spidey fan. So i'm not surprised big sites like IGN and Gamespot gave scores within that range.
honkyjesus  +   1322d ago
It has a 76 Metacritic.

Like I say every year, here comes another dumb Spiderman game.
Chrono  +   1322d ago
GameSpot gave it 7.5/10. I'm still going to give it a try.
RXL  +   1322d ago
you say "still" like a 7 isn't a good score?

realiks  +   1322d ago
I even doubt 8.5. As a student I cannot afford 7.0-8.5 games.
LOGICWINS  +   1322d ago
I find it sad that two or three media outlets that give a certain game a 7 can discourge thousands of people from buying a game. I've had more fun with some "7.5 games" than I've had with 9.5 games. The spell these media outlets have under gamers is just as problematic as the casuals who buy COD every year.

@liks- you realize how crazy your statement is? You just rely on media outlets to tell you whats good and whats not...not even considering that strong possibility that their opinions may not coincide with yours? Damn, gamers are such sheep these days.

"Greg Miller told me that the game is just a 7, so I shouldn't buy it. I'll wait for a game that Greg Miller gives at least a 9 to...because Greg Miller determines what games are the best for me, I love him *herp derp*"
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Neckbear  +   1322d ago

Then I hope you truly enjoy your painfully homogeneous, insipid, mediocre, and flashy but not substantial games while you miss out on the actually good, if flawed, stuff.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1322d ago
***"I find it sad that two or three media outlets that give a certain game a 7 can discourge thousands of people from buying a game."***

Why is it sad? Is it sad that sites giving a game 9s and 10s can encourage people to buy a game?

Why should one pay $60 for a 7/10 game when they can put that money toward a 9/10 game that may come out later on?

If you were really really looking forward to this game then, yeah, I agree about not letting a 7 prevent you from buying, but if you have been skeptical from the start why should you buy? If anything rent it, if not you can always wait until the price drops. I don't see how people using reviews to make a purchase is wrong.
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Pushagree  +   1322d ago
Logic, quit your whining. No one cares.
extermin8or  +   1322d ago
dragons dogma got a 7.5? i think from ign it's easily a 9 lol it's better than bloody skyrim (not as large, maybe not quite as open) but it IS a better game, less bugs, the fights against dragons and other iconic mythical creatures seems to be both scripted and free to occur fairly randomly; the fights are epic in their own right and it has mechanics that are truely new; plus you can switch class types at almost any point in the game by going to the capitol city; the quests are more varied etc did I see any of that mentioned in the review? no; I saw something about bad voice acting and a mediocre story.... and @liks a student can afford 7.0-8.5 games; the critics rating doesn't mean YOU won't have fun and spend hours and hours playing it
LOGICWINS  +   1322d ago
@pushagree- No one cares..yet look at all my replies, including yours :)
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1322d ago
***"No one cares..yet look at all my replies, including yours"***

Yet look at your all your agrees... now look his.

Besides, had push not commented I'd have been the only one that replied to you.. so much for "look at all my replies" eh?

At least you didn't deny that you were whining.
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solidjun5  +   1322d ago
"At least you didn't deny that you were whining."

I think at this point, everyone knows he whines more than anyone on this site. I can only imagine him raging as he types ridiculous statements with constant use of capitalized words.

Ex: "why do YOU care."
Internet is serious business. I wish there was a bubble vote that reflected whining.
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Septic  +   1322d ago

Yeah because the agrees to disagrees are always just on here lol.
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   1322d ago
This is not a bad review and I'm still getting it!
PockyKing  +   1322d ago
Lookin good! Might try this one out.
Grimhammer00  +   1322d ago
Reviews in context of their predecessors and genre should be modified. Spidey last two were generally poorly received. But had moments of greatness. Web of shadows had the best open world with great web swing mechanics.

This new amazing Spidey is better open world with slightly different web swing. The attach web swing to ? Clouds? Bugs some. Not me.

Fighting is much improved. Web rush is quite tight and I dig it.

Overall. Best Spidey game. Best Spidey open world game. Full stop.
teedogg80  +   1322d ago
I'm having lots of fun with it. The swinging alone is tons of fun. Might be the best Spiderman game period. Great looking character model too, Spidey anyway.
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Kingdom Come  +   1321d ago
It'll never beat Spiderman 2, I loved that game growing up (and love still think it was awesome now at the age of 18) and it has better swinging mechanics than current spiderman games. Why did Beenox leave web building attachment in favour of cloud swinging?
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kevinsheeks  +   1321d ago
i will try it soon
tunaks1  +   1322d ago
not gonna drop 60 on this, but I will pick it up later down the road.
godzilla72  +   1322d ago
frys has it for $50 right now. i think best buy has a $10 off and free spidey bluray with it.
Almir908  +   1322d ago
Oh please people are so naive. 7 is considered a good score? Lol no. 7 is only a decent score but little on the low side. 8 is considered a good score. Stop pretending as if 7's being passed out justifies a game for being "good" 7 decent, 8 good, 9 great, 10 is excellent although there is no game in my book that is considered a 10.
RXL  +   1322d ago
in actuality..most reviewers see it like this..

5 is average
6 above average = ok
7 good
8 great
9 excellent
10 perfect

and by your "logic"

if 10 signifies being a perfect game and no game is perfect how can it go from "great" to "perfect"?..the jumps to big..

it's not a question about being naive lol..that's just's a question on peoples personal ratings..

to me a 7 is a good game..there have been plenty games iv spent hours on and got a 7 or a 7.5...and was well worth it..

likewise there were plenty of 9 games that i regretted paying 60 bucks for..
Almir908  +   1322d ago
Oh please stop spewing that BS. 6 isn't average it's failing. Lol even according to a school grading scale that implies as an F. So I'm using that as to what you're using. You think you would come home to your mother with a 70 on your test and be like "Mom that's good" lol I don't think so.
RXL  +   1322d ago
in the united states..

60% is a D...meaning passing..

Doletskaya  +   1322d ago
I don't think you actually understand the meaning of average. For starters, it is comparative, not absolute. If most of the games coming out in the same period get over 7, how can a 5 mean the game is average? It means the game is awful.
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godzilla72  +   1322d ago
You got it right man. Almir908 is extremely oblivious here, what planet is he on i wonder? haha
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1322d ago
Actually, that's how they use to review games in previous generations.

Nowadays most reviewers go on a scale like this...

10- excellent/genre defining
9- great
8- good
7- above average
6- average
5&below- bad / very bad / terrible / horrible / trash / broken

This is the way it is now. That is the truth.
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RXL  +   1322d ago
going from Genre defining..then right below that is great?

that's like saying...

a ford focus is a great car...but a ford mustand is genre defining..

see the big gap?..
EeJLP-  +   1321d ago
Wtf are you talking about with a Focus and Mustang?

Anyway, a Mustang wouldn't be a 10 with a Focus a 9.

It would be more like:
10 - original '60s Ford GT40
9 - Ford GT
8 - Shelby GT500
7 - Boss 302
6 - Mustang GT
5 - Mustang V6
4 - Focus

Either way that analogy was ridiculous.
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ChocolateGiddyUp  +   1322d ago
10 - Great
9 - Pretty good
8 - Decent
7 - Terrible
6 - God-awful

There are no numbers under 6.
kevinsheeks  +   1321d ago
Lol this sums it up perfectly unless the game come's out at 40 dollars you cant have a 7 lol
godzilla72  +   1322d ago
Youre so full of it!!!
Brownghost  +   1322d ago
A d is passing in my school
extermin8or  +   1322d ago
this review isn't bad however I have cancelled my preorder; shall reorder it next week just before I go to see the film :p no spoilers for me ;)
Brownghost  +   1322d ago
From all the trailers I've seen it looks nothing like the film and may have a different plot
Nitrowolf2  +   1321d ago
It's based on the events after the film
extermin8or  +   1321d ago
@Brownghost yeah it has a different storyline, and is based after the film however reviewers keep saying it spoils the movie and shouldn't have been released 1st; can't help but wonder if that's lowering their reviews slightly though?
chanmasta  +   1321d ago
kevinsheeks  +   1321d ago
The prices changed gamer's outlook for games now 6 and 7 scores are like death warrants for games

if you expect me to shell out 60+ you better have more 8 and 9's then 7 and 6's

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