Interview: Erick Boenisch, NBA 2K13 (

The game's producer speaks about what features to expect in 2K's latest basketball sim.

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icemonkey92184d ago

Nice interview ... brutal camerawork.

TheDCD2184d ago

It's a routine rig. I did what I could with it.

NYC_Gamer2184d ago

Next time see if you could get the important my player details

TheDCD2184d ago

I asked NYC Gamer, he didn't really say just yet. They're waiting to reveal that.

2pacalypsenow2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Should of been Rose Durant and lebron . I dont know what the hell Griffin is doing there . Also this looks like 2k12 same shit the Cpu player runs through your defense like its not even there.. I want to see some Nba live gameplay