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BioWare Backtracks: 4 things changed in the new Mass Effect 3 endings

BioWare promised it would only "expand and clarify" the new Mass Effect 3 endings. Then it changed things anyway... (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Chuk5  +   1158d ago
The no ending was actually a good ending.
crxss  +   1158d ago
i admit bioware did a better job on the endings (but they're still not that great), but the part leading up to the endings is still crap. i don't care for the slow motion walk to the beam all the way up to the catalyst child.
InTheLab  +   1158d ago
The no ending was actually the ONLY good ending. They should have had the reset button as an option from the start.
tigertron  +   1158d ago
I preferred the destroy ending. Shepard still lives, you see a happy ending, the Reapers are defeated, the crew and the Normandy aren't stranded any more and they rebuild the Citadel etc.

Seems like the best one to me.
mysterious_warrior  +   1158d ago
FAGOL  +   1158d ago
I don't understand why the Catalyst gave him a option to destroy all synthetics though.

In the no ending option you can hear the catalyst say "so be it", which sounds very much like Harbinger. That itself pretty much proves the indoctrination theory.
MacDonagh  +   1158d ago
The synthesis ending was the best. You didn't kill/destroy all synthetic life. Every civilization could rebuild and the knowledge gathered from previous cycles would be added to the current one.

@FAGOL What's this? The thing that controlled all the reapers sounds like a reaper? Also, your character and every civilization that you were supposed to be fighting for has died. The indoctrination theory has been disproved. It's over.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1158d ago
In destroy, not only does the chest armor breathe still, but Garrus doesn't place the Commander's plaque on the wall, either.. hmm, what the hell is it Bioware has planned for the future???

Also: how the hell did they manage to magically evac right in front of Harbinger where a ton of other land and air vehicles just got obliterated!? Fix one plot hole with another..

In the radio chatter they still say reports are saying someone has made it into the crucible, but Anderson claims he followed Shepard in as well, PLUS TIM is in there as well! That's three people, not someone.

Something just still isn't right here.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1158d ago
@MacDOnagh... the Star Child doesn't sound like Harbinger throughout the conversation.. just at that one moment where very evil says SO BE IT! That's quite a powerful and obviously diliberate suggestion.
tigertron  +   1158d ago
I don't believe synthesis is the best ending at all. Shepard doesn't have the right to interfere with evolution. I'd hate it if some guy made me half robot just to save some.

Control is what the Illusive man wanted so thats the most renegade. Destroy is paragon.
MacDonagh  +   1157d ago
@Parallax_Films The Catalyst gave Shepard a choice of three possible routes to break the cycle. By choosing not to make a choice, Starchild is angered by the egotistical rant about dying for the freedom of all species and ending it YOUR way. As for it sounding like Harbinger; it's clearly not. It sounds far more like Mac Walters and Casey Hudson shouting "SO BE IT" together as a response to the IT fanfiction that gained far more credence than it really should've mustered. As the great Geddy Lee from Rush sang in his song Freewill; "You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice. If you choose not to decide; you still have made a choice!"

@Tigertron I respectfully disagree with you on that. While I am incredibly wary of the transhumanist idea that was behind synthesis; I'd rather not destroy all synthetics who have gained sentience and freewill just because I wanted to see Shepard puff his little chest. If the destroy option was the "right" option; it'd have meant that you destroyed the Geth if you hadn't already. I hold the belief that it'd be utterly unfair to commit genocide against any group just because they could be considered "expendable".

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Blacktric  +   1156d ago
What in the holy mother of f*ck are you talking about? Reset button? There is no such thing as reset button. You either choose from the previous three or shoot the Catalyst/tell him to f*ck off instead of forcing Shepard to choose from the options he gave, which triggers a horrible ending in which everyone gets harvested by the reapers and you see the recording Liara made play plus a little different version of the Stargazer after credits scene at the end. THERE IS NO RESET BUTTON. STOP MISINFORMING PEOPLE.
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InTheLab  +   1156d ago

Holy mother of fuck? Are you serious??? The refusal ending is the reset button. You start the cycle again...aka reset.

No wonder you're short a bubble...
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Blacktric  +   1155d ago
"The refusal ending is the reset button. You start the cycle again...aka reset."

Way to warp the meaning of the word reset... Reset means starting from the beginning as in resetting the cycle. Which would mean sending Reapers to wait for another 50.000 years to harvest again without completing their current one. And since no such thing happened in that ending and cycle actually continued without anything happening to stop it, it is just called the refusal ending. And FYI, I started with 5 bubbles more than 3 and a half years ago and gained and lost bubbles over the time I was here. Some of them were deserves losses some were not. And I said holy mother of f*ck because your comment actually gave me hope that the "reset" ending you said may be real so that no one would die, including Shepard, EDI and the Geth and they would have another 50.000 years to be prepared for Reapers. But it turned out to be a horrible one...
agingerbreadbum  +   1158d ago
it took them many months too make this dlc? they literally changed four things. I expect a new post-game dlc release soon. and you can bet they'll charge for this one.
Lord_Sloth  +   1158d ago
If they do than I'll youtube it. Beating this game to see the new endings is proving to be a chore anyway.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1158d ago
Something just still isn't right with any of the endings.. the only one that makes perfect sense is the new Refusal Ending. Bioware has huge well hidden plans for the future, I just know it. Things got too strange, too quick.
googergieger  +   1158d ago
If you mean they are in fact coming out with "true ending" dlc. Holy crap is that going to piss people off. Even more so. I mean I know a good portion of the small portions of fans happy with the ending are in the IT camp. However they are basically saying, "Thank you Bioware for an incomplete game. I can't wait to pay more money for the real ending!". So if they do indeed come out with DLC that supports the IT or anything that says, their game was incomplete. Well, final nail in the coffin? Probably not. Close to it though.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1158d ago
It's not incomplete if they have huge plans for awesome DLC with a true ending because that would mean we paid to get indoctrinated, to truly become a part of the fictional universe!
Commander-Koslun  +   1158d ago
I played it, I liked it, it fixed some plot-holes, provided more closure, and gave us a new choice, which personally I find very interesting because it reflects the whole series' theme, freedom of choice. Still, Bioware is up to something... something....
Eyesoftheraven  +   1158d ago
RIGHT!? I sure hope they're up to something, anyways. This could really innovate how DLC works and how much more immersive games can be. The entire story and lore is just too fleshed out and well done to end like this, it's just too damn strange.

Otherwise, THIS truly is the sad reality: http://social.bioware.com/f...
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Commander-Koslun  +   1157d ago
Yeah man, have you heard of the Leviathan DLC?
miamicanesruleall  +   1158d ago
I think the synthesis ending was the best. EDI survives. Shepard becomes immortal. Anyone see a correlation to religion in Shepard's death, resurrection, and life eternal? Shepard sacrifices himself so that many may be "saved" and in doing so, becomes incredibly powerful and godlike. Also, the significance of Bioware giving the commander the name Shepard. No first name. A herder of people, in effect, himself a collector (Oh the irony). Interesting that this was the choice the illusive man wanted all along, but he did not have Shepard's strength, character, or conviction and was indoctrinated. It appears Shepard escaped that fate (I think). In the synthesis conclusion, Shepard says he is "the man who fought to become the one who could lead the many". It is interesting however that the synthesis and destroy options both lead to damage to the mass relays and leave many civilizations back in the "stone age" before interstellar space flight. If Shepard chooses not to accept the options the catalyst gives him/her, humanity is obliterated but future civilizations use the collective knowledge gained to defeat the reapers and the relays are undisturbed. There are questions I still have, but that's what DLC is for I guess. The endings are alot better than what was previously offered, that's for sure.
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CJQNSNYC  +   1158d ago
That would be the "control" ending, not "synthesis."
stealthmog  +   1158d ago
Excellent Scooby Doo ending. Now let's do the mega happy ending! ()O.O() Fishface!
DJSlapaho  +   1158d ago
None of the endings are happy. All the mass effect relays are destryoed which basically cut everyone off from each other. So therefore the issues you solved such as the krogen genophage (typo)were pointless, seen as the galaxy is cut off from each other. No trade, no more resources. Every ending was a bad one.
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lsujester  +   1158d ago
Actually, they now are only damaged, not destroyed. They changed that because of The Arrival contradicted it.

The endings clearly tell or show that the relays and Citadel are being rebuilt.
AznGaara  +   1158d ago
The scene in the destroy ending where Shepard takes a breath in the rubble was always in the game, you just had to have enough war assets. Did they decide to include this in the extended ending instead of requiring players to unlock it? Cause it seems like a lot of people are seeing this for the first time.

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