Buy Max Payne 3 and Get LA Noire For Free

Amazon is offering a tempting deal for gamers who have yet to check out the latest entry in the Max Payne series...

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samoon1975d ago

Played and beat LA noire when it came out and currently playing Max Payne 3.

Anyone else feel that Rockstar honestly make the best overall games of any publisher?

Everything from the box art to the content to the story is pure win.

Mr_Kuwabara1975d ago

They are in a league of there own.

Dovahkiin1975d ago

I agree, they don't make bad games.

JellyJelly1975d ago

Agreed. L.A. Noir was the richer experience imo although I loved Max Payne 3. L.A. Noir is just so immersive and well written/well acted. Need to replay it.

guitarded771975d ago

Best overall dev/pub is debatible, but RockStar would definitely be in the discussion.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231975d ago

R* are an amazing dev BUT max payne 3 was mediocre due to no Remedy.

L.A noire was repetitive and long winded.

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gorebago1975d ago

Good luck getting L.A. noire to work properly. I bought it off of Amazon not too long ago and after installing it, none of the character models showed up. I'd drive the car with no bodies and walk around investigations with just a flashlight.

Rubberlegs1975d ago

Its not the best port job (framerate could be better) but I had no problem getting it run. They ran the same deal on Steam where you got LA Noire for free when preordered Max Payne 3.

gorebago1975d ago

I'm stuck in a country with bad internet and didn't check the game out before I left the states. That's my bad. So I'm stuck with a crap copy and it's probably the worst pc-port I've ever played.

Max Payne 3 is a great game though.

StayStatic1975d ago

Guess this is why Steam currently has this on sale for 75% off.

the worst1975d ago

Max Payne 3 is terrible game
Rockstar honestly overrated