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PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Tech Demo

PSU Writes:

"Now that you have had a look at 2 Days 2 Vegas in still shots, here is the first look at the technology involved behind the title in motion. This is still a very early look, basically alpha or pre-alpha footage.

As you will see in the tech demo, 2 Days 2 Vegas will include such technical features as:

- Dynamic shadows
- Diffuse textures
- Normal mapping
- Gloss
- Fresnel Reflection
- Refraction
- Water Effects (turbid water, sun glint, dynamic light)
- Ambient Occlusion
- Point Light
- Projective spotlight
- Mo-cap and animation blending
Once again, there are still some key visual technology not yet implemented. What you are looking at is about 50% of the final quality." (2 Days 2 Vegas, 2 Days to Vegas, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

INehalemEXI  +   2620d ago
Nice, dynamic sky. Looks good for 50%.
NoUseMerc  +   2620d ago
Hopefully these videos will change some of your minds. For some reason a lot of people were unsatisfied with the screenshots. For a game thats at 50%, this looks good.
power of Green  +   2620d ago
I never lost faith in you.

Can't believe the GTA fanboys attacked this.

This game is still very rough looking but its clean edges/ surfaces and charator models are already beating games that are comming out soon.
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wildcat  +   2620d ago
All of these sandbox games are coming out this year?

2 Days 2 Vegas
Saint's Row 2
aceman7  +   2620d ago
GTA4 was supposed to look like this.
m9105826  +   2620d ago
From a technical standpoint this is a very impressive engine. I'll be interested to see what kind of game they can build inside of it. The poly counts were sort of low, but the work they did with diffuse textures was very impressive. Skin is one of the hardest things to mimic in-game. They saved a lot of power by substituting normals for geometry on the buildings, which will increase the overall performance, which is the most important aspect of a sandbox game. I wonder if they'll license out the engine?
Rybnik  +   2620d ago
See, NoUseMerc was right...you guys should trust him a bit, eh??

From seeing the tech demo, it is pretty clear that this is a VERY impressive engine. Add the anti-aliasing, slight improvements in lighting and this game will match targets from 2005...I think the thing that comforts me the most is that I recognized some of those models...meaning the target renders were indeed using the same assets, unlike nearly every other TR i've ever seen.

I think that it will be really interesting to see how Wardevil, Eight Days, the Getaway, and of course MS2 will look knowing the outcome here...I can't wait! This of course has not much to do with gameplay as far as 2D2V..but hopefully it can match.
Jpinter  +   2620d ago
Mo-Cap Trailer next
I think the Mo-cap trailer is next
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Rybnik  +   2620d ago
very cool.
I noticed that as well....NoUseMerc, whats the deal with that?
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NoUseMerc  +   2620d ago
You guys ready for the Mo-Cap video?
jay2  +   2620d ago
Hold on a min, steal nmonkeys 2006!? what does that copy right date =?
THE TERMINATOR  +   2620d ago
Looks crap obviously would have looked much better if it was exclusive.
GAMER NOT FANBOY  +   2620d ago
does anybody remember the game 8 DAYS when does that game come out

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