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Watch every Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut ending

Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut DLC released on Xbox 360 this morning. To save you running home to download it, here are the new endings in full. (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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PtRoLLFacE  +   1160d ago
am satisfied! ;0
Pain_Killer  +   1159d ago
I just had a look at the endings on a friends Xbox and what i saw was actually too damn good.

Im one of those who understood and liked the original ending well but the new ones have truly redeemed the status of Mass Effect of it being on of the best Sci-Fi Trilogy ever made.

Currently downloading them on PC so i can get to play them and learn about the extra cutscenes. All in one, the cutscenes have given a future to the Mass Effect Universe.
da_2pacalypse  +   1159d ago
too little, too late. The endings might be better than the original, but they're not what Bioware/Casey Hudson promised.
gaffyh  +   1159d ago
I watched all of them, I like the fact that they are now more unique, but I still don't like that the first section is basically the same, with green, blue or red coloring.

One thing I will say is, and what probably most people who didn't like the original endings didn't like, is that you play the entire game with destruction of the reapers in mind if you're playing as a good guy (i.e. red ending), and control being the bad option. But at the end they take away the option of destruction because it also means destroying other synthetics like EDI and the Geth, who you fix earlier on. Then they make Control (blue) actually be the good ending, even though the whole point of the game was to destroy the reapers and not control them like the Illusive man!

Honestly though, I think I really like the control ending now. It just works incredibly well as a series ender, but it's just stupid how BioWare did the bait and switch.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1159d ago
Good endings shouldn't be DLC
It should be in the game itself.

These are only extended versions of the same endings. This gives me the feeling that they rushed the game out and didn't complete certain sections of the game, such as proper endings.
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Lord_Sloth  +   1159d ago
"Im one of those who understood"

Whoa whoa whoa...They weren't complicated at all, just lazy, dude. Don't be an elitist.
crxss  +   1159d ago
endings are better but still not good enough. will be eBay-ing my trilogy.

it's interesting that they included a 4th ending though.
Old McGroin  +   1159d ago
My God. Bioware have given us 3 truly brilliant, epic space fantasy RPGs which are a masterclass in mixing good story telling, great graphics and good gameplay. They've pumped hundreds if not thousands of man hours in to their production and it shows. They've bent over backwards to expand on the endings because spoilt brats cried because it wasn't what they were expecting. They expanded the existing endings brilliantly and EVEN added a fourth alternative as well as extra dialogue options for the final Catalyst conversation to clear up some issues/questions and STILL people complain and cry.

Today I am embarrassed to be a gamer.
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DeadlyFire  +   1159d ago
Given the endings they gave us at first. This is amazing. The last game they left without an ending KOTOR2 for example. They never came back to fix.

Thing is they plan for another mass Effect title at some point. Its mentioned in the Stargazer part of the ending as always. "one more story" I personally am on board if this is their dedication to the fanbase. You can only fix a broken ending in a few ways without rebuilding the entire game and they are not going to refund the game to everyone. These new endings are more than enough. Be reasonable. I do agree the first endings they gave us were bad, but once they released it to the world they can't really change it beyond what they have done with these new endings without changing the entire game.

Fact is that the game's new ending was slapped together so fast from the supposed leak crap. That EA didn't give the game time to finish the ending the right way. Hopefully they have learned their lesson. Next time don't complain about game being delayed. :P
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Christopher  +   1160d ago
Destruction ending still doesn't make sense. It would take years, even a lifetime for some, for them to get home w/o the relays.

Still no 'personal' elements to it, also.

It's pretty much the exact same ending for me. I still have the same questions.
NYC_Gamer  +   1159d ago
The extended cut was free because they didn't put much effort
colonel179  +   1159d ago
Whatever their reason was, I am pretty sure they knew they were making a mess with the endings. They just didn't expect a backlash.
Mythicninja  +   1159d ago
Like someone on youtube said, you got what you paid for.
Pain_Killer  +   1159d ago
Over the original endings, that's alot of effort put in those cutscenes.
nolson10  +   1159d ago
No...it was free because there would have been a public outcry if it wasn't free. When they first announced an extended cut everyone was claiming conspiracy theory that they "planned" a bad ending so they could charge for the "real" ending. Now that it's free it's because they didn't put much effort in? Can't please anyone these days. Would you have rather paid for it so you felt they put hard work in? Because if they charged for it all anyone would be talking about was how greedy EA and BIOWARE is and now that it's free it's, wow they are lazy and you get what you pay for.
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DarthJay  +   1159d ago
@Mythicninja well I paid $70 and I still expect better.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1159d ago
Im more disappointed with the fact the breathing scene is the same.... its another cockblock where you feel like they refuse to kill of a character

With the EC, control and synthesis are the best

The refusal one felt more like an FU to all the people who wanted bioware to change the ending... however Shepard still went down a hero, rather than a mumbling idiot
Megaton  +   1159d ago
I like the Refuse ending. It's the most "realistic" of the bunch. I would have preferred they let you actually triumph over the reapers if you had high enough EMS, but I like what they did with it anyway.

I didn't personally pick that one, though. I picked Synthesis. Definitely my favorite of the 4.
Darrius Cole  +   1158d ago

It's late but I have to comment here.

It's your right to like the 'Refuse' ending, but it is in no way the most realistic.

If a real person was in that situation facing not just one genocide but several genocides, the extermination of ALL organic life. He would annihilate the Reapers without a thought.

No person, especially no military person who attained the rank of Commander, would be talked out of destroying a force that was already at war with all life (and winning) because we "might" one day in the future, go to war with a race of synthetic life that doesn't even exist yet.

Destroying the reapers is the proportional response. That is what ANY sane person would do, if this fantastice video game situation were to ever occur in reality.
antz1104  +   1159d ago
I think of it more of a patch, so not surprised by the lack of personal.
despair  +   1159d ago | Funny
it was better than the original for the most part but it was still very disappointing, Bioware were wrong, its not that some people won't be happy with this extended cut, but I think most people are unhappy with it. I'm not wasting my time playing back the ending I watched it on youtube and thats enough for me...

Indoctrination theory was a way better idea, they should've done that, but free is free....Space Magic FTW.
Christopher  +   1159d ago
I think Space Magic pretty much sums up the ending.

The sad thing is that BioWare wasted how much time on this rather than worthwile DLC? Heck, are we even going to get any single-player DLC beyond this?
user5467007  +   1159d ago

"The sad thing is that BioWare wasted how much time on this rather than worthwile DLC?"

If they went with the Indoctrination theory and Shepard wakes up after being hit with Harbingers laser then we could of had an epic DLC where he finishes the fight.

It would erase the crappy ending and the ghost child BS and they could of started fresh.
googergieger  +   1159d ago
Indoctrination theory is a slap in the face fans are begging for. "The ending was great because it wasn't the real ending. Bioware made an incomplete game and I can't wait to pay more money to get the complete game and the real ending!". This is the indoctrination theory in a nutshell. Even if it were true, I'd doubt they would go through with it now. Unless they would release majority of their single player dlc for free. Which is probably the only option left in order to win back a lot of their fans. A truly sincere apology and humbling wouldn't hurt either.
Pain_Killer  +   1159d ago
I see you still don't understood the ending. The fleets escaped the scene before the beam had reached the mass relays.

Listen to what Admiral Hackett says on the com:

"All fleets rendezvous to the extraction point"

That probably meant the charon relay which was a getaway from Sol system.
Christopher  +   1159d ago
So, let me get this straight. Everyone redezvoused to the extraction point, which included, mystically, every single person of your crew who were originally fighting on Earth a few minutes ago. And, then, from this extraction point, after the mass relays had been destroyed and the Normandy crashed on the planet, they mystically came up with the fuel needed to get from one star system to another even though in the past the _only_ way they could do that is through Mass Relays because it would otherwise take them decades to get from one place to another.

You see, it doesn't make sense. If the Mass Relays are destroyed, Wrex/Other Krogan isn't getting home to see his baby, he's getting home to see him all grown up and most of the crew on the Normandy would likely be grandparents themselves by the time they got there.

I mean, at its core, what you would have me believe is that everyone you brought to save the world abandoned the battlefield. But, more than that, that the importance of the Mass Relays isn't at all important and that they have space flight technology in all ships that we could have ignored the Mass Relays from the get-go since they are suddenly able to travel from point A to point B in about the same time on their own.
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green  +   1159d ago
Thank you cgoodno.

The first time i played the game and saw the Mass Relays getting destroyed, the thing that came to my mind was how on earth were they going to get home?

Earth can't handle 7 billion people very well, how is it going to handle the population of the entire galaxy? Quarians, Asaries, Krograns etc can not breath on earth and Quarians can't eat out food.

I enjoyed the game but in my opinion, it was the worst of the three. Your actions had no consequences and the ending was not well taught out with way too many loop holes.

I don't know who to blame. Bioware have always been excellent story tellers but ME (which had the potential to be one of the greatest franchise of all time)seems to have been dealt with in a way to make it more casual and allow for the milking of the franchise through lame ass endings.

I played ME1 four times, ME2 three times but once is enough for me and ME3.
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--Onilink--  +   1159d ago
this is actually a reply about your comment down below, but this way its easier for you to see. Its in regards to how your crew gets to the normandy, they changed the running to the beam scene to show how. Its very stupid, because now we see your friends kinda hit by Harbinger, shepard calls the normandy for a pick up, we actually see the normandy land right there in front of harbinger, take a moment to pick up your squad, say goodbye to the 2 you picked, then carefully hover right in front on harbinger, and then take off, without harbinger ever attacking them...

its one of the weakest "fixes" they did, but at least we can remove Space Magic from that part
Christopher  +   1159d ago
Thank you. And, yeah, now it's just stupid. Whatever Normandy is made out of, they should just make all ships out of it. It didn't get attacked on Earth at the beginning of the game and now at the end. And, worse than that, Shepard pretty much says "screw all these other people, let's get my buddies out of here alive." I thought this was supposed to be the last stand?
milohighclub  +   1159d ago
What ever happened to artistic integrity? Lol, I understand why they tried to do this but seriously??? Personally I thought the ending was great the way it was. It's the rest of the game that was terrible. Half way through I had decided enough was enough and had decided that once I had finished I wouldn't buy the next ME game. However, the ending restored my faith in bioware and I was desperate to see where they would take the franchise.....how am I supposed to have faith in a company that doesn't have faith in their own story telling?
Ripco_Keller  +   1159d ago
What were you smoking again?
gaffyh  +   1159d ago
Maybe bath salts.
Mr-Dude  +   1159d ago
O well... At last we have a "little" more closure...

Those cute little krogans.... hihi
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Mythicninja  +   1159d ago
Can anyone please explain to me why shepard breathes after the destroy ending? Is this how mass effect 4 continues? Are they even going to do more mass effects?
NYC_Gamer  +   1159d ago
I think more expansions/dlc is coming within the ME universe
WitWolfy  +   1159d ago
There are rumors for a Take back Omega DLC... But I couldnt care less.. I already gathered all my Bioware games for both Xbox and PS3 for trade ins im done with Bioware, they lost a very big customer after the abortion that was ME 3.
JANF  +   1158d ago
Really... You people take this sh@t to seriously. :S
WitWolfy  +   1158d ago
Lets just say I got better games to play then hanging on to these lack lusters.. Time for trade ins and get my bucks worth for something new and exciting.
00  +   1159d ago
How does green rainbow still work?
And that refusal one is a giant middle finger to those who did not like ME3 original ending it seems.
vickers500  +   1159d ago
I personally liked the ending I chose when I first completed the game (synthesis), so I don't really see why people hate the endings THAT much.

I'm assuming that people were expecting to be able to destroy the reapers with all the forces they accumulated, and that in the end you would be able to do so because of all the war assets you've accumulated, correct? And that you're pissed because you couldn't?

People wanted to see an all out war with all of the assets they collected and somehow expect to win, even though the vastly superior protheans (in technology and intelligence) before them pretty much did the same thing but failed in the end, yet somehow the inferior race is supposed to win this time because they overcame their differences and fought together?

That's a pretty sappy and unrealistic ending in my opinion. It would be nice for it to be in the game to make people happy, but it wouldn't be very plausible.

As the story progressed, the tone of the game changed more and more towards that of hopelessness. As more important people and even whole species start dying, and as the prothean pretty much lets you know that the current cycle are pretty much primitive caveman compared to the protheans, you can really start to understand that there isn't going to be much of a possibility to win against the reapers in a full on war, much less shepard and/or your favorites coming out alive from the war.

Thus, the crucible plot device is introduced, which allows you to plausibly win the war against the reapers. But you still have to make SOME sacrifice, and that sacrifice can't just be some crappy war assets that you don't really give a shit about, otherwise they're not really sacrifices at all. You have to sacrifice yourself, or you have to sacrifice all synthetics. Coming into Mass Effect 3, I had no expectations of Shepard coming out alive at the end of the game, and most people shouldn't have expected it either based on the overall tone of the game and the extreme luck that shepard has had in the past (all luck runs out eventually).

BUT I will say that when it comes to the whole "war asset" thing, I think they should have at least shown more cutscenes with all or most (or at least the major ones) fighting bravely and valiantly to the death (because as I said before, it would be kind of unrealistic for them to win against the reapers solely using combat) and/or at least show them helping shepard reach the crucible. They also should have shown more differences of the outcomes (though not change the overall outcomes themselves).

I think SOME people just expected the standard cheesy happy ending of "nobody that I give a shit about dies in the end, only the war assets that I can only pretend to give a shit about die, the bad guys are destroyed, and everyone lives happily ever after with no real sadness at the end, and they did it ALL because they put their differences aside and worked together. the end".

Personally, when it comes to Shepard, I couldn't see any outcome in which he wouldn't die.

That's just my two cents on the whole issue though. I can understand some people not liking the ending and some people being disappointed by it, but I really don't understand the utter hatred and outrage for it.
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googergieger  +   1159d ago
(looks like my last post here, so I'll try to make all my points with this one post.)

"That's a pretty sappy and unrealistic ending in my opinion."

People would have liked the option to destroy them. Also the option to not destroy them. In short, what is the point of the entire game if you can't win? What is the point of the entire game if you can't see what you spent your entire game doing play out for you?

"As the story progressed, the tone of the game changed more and more towards that of hopelessness."

Curing the genophage. Geth and Qurian alliance. Getting an entire galaxy to join forces. A magic machine that was buried in Mars surfaces that lets you kill the Reapers? I don't know. It doesn't sound that hopeless to me. Not even close really.

Oh and don't get me started on the crucible "plot device". Beyond lazy. You ever hear the every story is essentially man in box and man getting out of box? Something along those lines. Anyways that "plot device" is basically man looking for a way to get out of the box for two hours only for a ladder to magically appear directly behind him. Everyone expected Shephard to die. They just expected it to mean something. They expected the ending to make sense. They expected an explanation for The Reapers. They expected a lot. They were given, "yeah hopefully this isn't the end of the actual game and it is all really a dream, we'll have to pay to wake out of and finish the real game". In regards to the indoctrination theory supporters. Who make up about all the fans of the ending left.
vickers500  +   1159d ago
"People would have liked the option to destroy them. Also the option to not destroy them. In short, what is the point of the entire game if you can't win?"

You have both of those options. You can destroy the reapers and win, and you can leave them alone if you like (with the newest ending).

"What is the point of the entire game if you can't see what you spent your entire game doing play out for you?"

Uh, fun? Building friendships, relationships, partnerships, exploring the universe, the mystery of new/different species/races? Surviving through thick and thin with Garrus or whoever your favorite characters are and accomplishing your goal?

"Curing the genophage. Geth and Qurian alliance. Getting an entire galaxy to join forces. A magic machine that was buried in Mars surfaces that lets you kill the Reapers? I don't know. It doesn't sound that hopeless to me. Not even close really."

Geth or quarians being completely wiped out (most people aren't going to have a perfect save file from me2 to keep both races in tact), the majority of the best (and one or two okay characters) characters from Mass Effect 2 dying (Thane, Mordin, Kelly, Legion), the kid in the beginning, pretty much every word out of the protheans mouth (the guy that watched his entire race get wiped out, who also happened to be smarter and more technologically advanced than everyone else, you know, the one that actually experienced the complete reaper experience).

It was personally depressing for me to keep playing. Yeah there were a few hopeful moments, but the majority of those hopeful moments were because someone had to be sacrificed, and people should have started to get used to that as it was happening.

Even that moment with Garrus on the citadel felt kind of depressing, like in a "this is probably the last time we're going to get to really hang out together as friends" kind of way.

"Everyone expected Shephard to die."

Oh really? Because whenever I read ME3 comments on n4g, most people are pissed off that Shepard didn't live, citing that as some sort of "middle finger" to them by the devs. By the way that "magically appearing ladder" is just about as lazy as "everyone putting aside their differences and coming together to fight is the key to beating the reapers" plot device.

I mean SERIOUSLY, do you expect that togetherness and friendship would be better at defeating the reapers than knowledge and technology that are probably thousands or millions of years better than the world shepard lives in? In the choice between what is most likely to kill the reaper threat, you would guess that races in harmony fighting together would be better than advanced technology and infinite wisdom at beating the reapers?
vickers500  +   1159d ago
If that "lazy" plot device wasn't there, everybody would be dead, and the good guys wouldn't have won in ANY scenario. They are reapers for a reason. They're not just some enemy that can always be killed with a single, well placed shot, these things have wiped out TONS of superior civilizations/races before the current cycle, they're experts at it, and they're impervious to an all out assault from the current cycle for a reason, because they keep getting better and smarter with each cycle. Why would an inferior cycle (united as they may be) be the first ones to take down the reapers through combat?

They pretty much HAD to put in the magic reaper off switch if they wanted any rational endings where not everybody died.

"Everyone expected Shephard to die. They just expected it to mean something."

So saving the lives of so many people and getting races to work together to rebuild what they've lost didn't mean anything? Shepard pretty much united the entire galaxy and from the synthesis ending everyone lived happily ever after, except for shepard, but that was a necessary sacrifice, but I've seemed to notice many gaming fans don't like to see main characters die, they want every main character to always live, even if it doesn't make sense for the story. *SPOILERS FOR RED DEAD REDEMPTION* I noticed this with Red Dead Redemption too where people were somehow shocked and angry that John Marston died (which fit perfectly into the story and worked really well as an ending), but that's another discussion.

And the ending made sense to me. The reapers made sense to me as well. Not everything needs to be explained either, some things are better left to interpretation and mystery(like how the reapers ORIGINALLY came into existence).

I hate it when they try to explain EVERY single little detail away so that it seems realistic (though it is a very important element to keep balanced, you don't want TOO much realism, but you don't want too little either). In MGS3, I loved that most of the enemies that you fought pretty much had supernatural abilities (well at least while playing through the game, that's what it seemed like to me, I hope there's not some scientific explanation in the lore to explain away the mystery). But in MGS4 when they decided to explain the reason that Vamp could regenerate was because of "uh, NANOMACHINES! that's plausible, right?", that disappointed me.
vickers500  +   1159d ago
And I'm not saying the ending to ME3 is perfect, I'm just trying to explain why a few of the complaints people have with it aren't really something to be complained about.

Bioware unfortunately wrote themselves into a corner one too many times, and would have to redo much of the games story to explain some of the faults it currently has (and I think it might look bad if they simply adopted the fan theory of indoctrination, people would complain that they steal ideas from the fans or can't come up with their own, or are weak and vulnerable to fan bitching whenever someone doesn't like an element of their game, would bow down to their fans and fix it, instead of keeping some artistic integrity).

Plus, you also have to look at the franchise for what it tried to accomplish in the first place. How many other game franchises with as much choice as Mass Effect have been all that successful (keeping player choice into account for the whole franchise)? None as far as I can tell (linear games where the game dictates where the story goes instead of you do or games that only offer two simplistic endings, something like infamous, doesn't count). I'd say they did pretty well for being one of the first (or one of the few anyways, I haven't played every single game ever)franchises to do such a thing.

I think people expected a bit too much. Rightfully so, but the expectations were probably too high. It's just a lesson learned by Bioware, so next time they do another Mass Effect it will be better.

edit *I didn't anticipate my comment to be as long as a novel, lol*
Shadowstar  +   1159d ago
"And that refusal one is a giant middle finger to those who did not like ME3 original ending it seems."

Was it? I hated the original endings and I quite liked the refusal ending. Refusing was what my Shepard would have done. Yeah, she lost. S'okay, she knew she'd lost the moment the god-child appeared and told her he was going to let her choose how to destroy the ME relays. The other endings were just forcing her to participate in destroying everything, based on what I knew of the galaxy. It was better to think that Liara would send information through to the next cycle, and perhaps they would have a chance at winning, knowing that the crucible was useless. To fulfill the hero's journey and not win? Perfect. (Well, almost. Perfect would have been a planned mind**** where they had the ending unlock on the disc after a week, and indoctrination theory was right. That would have been mind-blowing, imo.)
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00  +   1159d ago
the refusal one is actually the best one with the least plot holes, it's just how bioware did that seems petty.
Fyflin  +   1159d ago
Played the last section again today and saw the endings. I thought it was pretty good actually, nice to see the ending fleshed out and few questions answered in regards to the crew and surviving races.

It left a lot open to speculation too rather than answering every last thing, but it did mention that the relays were only badly not damaged and not destroyed entirely like the original ending implied.
--Onilink--  +   1159d ago
it didnt actually implied it, it outright said they were destroyed, which was one of the biggest mistakes of the original ending
Chidori  +   1159d ago
Iv'e been waiting for the ps3 version of the DLC all morning. At first, reports were saying that the DLC comes out on all platforms on the 26th of June, but July 4th for European ps3 users. Within the last few hours, some reports have been saying that "ps3 users will have to wait until July 4th". Can anyone clear this up? Will it be out today or is it July 4th for ps3 in both America and Europe?
swat_teem  +   1159d ago
i have it on PS3 maybe you have to trun off your ps3 and turn it on so the store can update
cjbow16  +   1159d ago
it is today and go to mass effect website there info about release date for extended cut.
TheTwelve  +   1159d ago
Glad I can watch them all in one place later on because I really don't feel like picking up ME3 again.
kent80082007  +   1159d ago
Logically it's somehow still flawed, but emotionally I feel a LOT better, thx Bioware

BTW not complaining but unless there're things we haven't found yet I don't see why the dlc is 1.9 Gb in size...
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Christopher  +   1159d ago
It's mostly just multiple vidoe and audio files. Nothing else. So, the new ending option audio and the very extended endings are what you're downloading. Think of it as downloading a short HD movie (about 40 minutes).
PersonaCat  +   1159d ago
The refusal ending is absolutely hilarious. I feel that's going to cause quite a stir with the fans.
babytookmybaby  +   1159d ago
I laughed when I saw that one, still depressing at the end
Christopher  +   1159d ago
I want to call it the Petty Ending. Seriously, it's essentially Shepard saying "Screw you, I won't play your little game even though my whole goal throughout the 3 games was to save humanity. Just kill them all and me. I'm tired of this and don't care anymore."
despair  +   1159d ago
but it does one good thing, it shows that the space child is Harbinger as the voice changed in the end.
bigrob904  +   1159d ago
hold on wait, having just watches this i have to say, they didn't explain anything. what they did was put in some scenes of some people cheering, seeing joker leave, and seeing little baby krogan. what they didn't do was say how shepard was magically shot in the same spot the anderson was shot. they didn't mention how the crew that was with you when you ran toward the beam not only survived without a scratch but made it back to the normandy. or how anderson said that he followed you up the beam but somehow was ahead of you. then there is the whole destroy snethesis control thing there are no true differences to picking either of them. can someone tell me the point of this extended cut if they werent gonna address the things we had issues with?
MrChow666  +   1159d ago
there's a shamelessly shoehorned scene that shows how your crew is evacuated aboard the normandy, its so damn cheap!
I feel so trolled
bigrob904  +   1159d ago
i must had missed the scene, cuz all i saw was garrus tell joker to leave, with no explanation with how they got there.
Christopher  +   1159d ago
Yeah, they still don't explain how everyone 'magically' got on board Normandy. They did have a scene where Hackett said the Crucible was armed and for everyone to get as far away from it as possible, though. Don't know why they jumped through the Mass Relay and all considering the Crucible was made to target Reapers and the Reapers were on Earth. All you had to do was go out to Saturn or so.
swat_teem  +   1159d ago | Funny
@cgoodno they did not know what the crucible was able to do maybe it kills evrything they did not know also lets just say the people who were on earth got picked up ;)
Christopher  +   1159d ago
swat_team: I so see that being said at the BioWare writing meeting.

Writer 1: So, how do we get everyone off Earth and safely back home?

Writer 2: Teleporters are invented during the battle?

Writer 1: But then they'd just teleport themselves all on one ship to see if they can break the record for most people on a single ship.

Writer 2: You think?

Writer 1: What would you do?

Writer 2: Let's just say the people who were on Earth got picked up, then.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1159d ago
In destroy, not only does the chest armor breathe still, but Garrus doesn't place the Commander's plaque on the wall, either.. hmm, what the hell is it Bioware has planned for the future???

How the hell did they manage to magically evac right in front of Harbinger where a ton of other land and air vehicles just got obliterated!? Fix one plot hole with another..

In the radio chatter they still say reports are saying someone has made it into the crucible, but Anderson claims he followed Shepard in as well, PLUS TIM is in there as well! That's three people, not someone.

The added refusal option has the star child briefly expose himself as Harbinger saying SO BE IT! That sends a very strong and deliberate message that supports both the player, anderson's, Tims, and shepard indoctrination.

Something just still isn't right here, I think Bioware has something up their sleeve's. They left the truly perplexing plot holes in the dark because they have bigger plans either in the next game or proper DLC.
#13.2 (Edited 1159d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
silverdragon41  +   1159d ago
Shepard was shot by that guy before the beam or since hes so badly messed up and covered in blood he could be bleeding from that specific area. If you played the last level a lot has changed and dialogue was added. One scene that was added was shepard telling your team to get on the normandy and leave and the normandy comes to pick you all up but shepard stays. When shepard got shot up the beam he was knocked out for a while and anderson wakes him up when he calls him. People are never satisfied...the endings were fine and cleared up ALOT of things and got rid of that silly indoctrination theory...
JANF  +   1158d ago
Thank u!
theconsole_kid  +   1159d ago
i just wanted a pony......,to eat jupiter... :O
STICKzophrenic  +   1159d ago
I don't like the Extended Cut because it's forcing me to replay through a substantial amount of gameplay, and try to make the same decisions I originally made five months ago.

I think I'll just watch the videos on youtube.
swat_teem  +   1159d ago
you know you could just go to the save you completed and go to load and load the mission and it will bring you to the part you get up after harbinger beam hits you still it takes some time to get to the end but not as long
Eyesoftheraven  +   1159d ago
It's not like its a boring game. Just change the difficulty to narrative, what better use for such an easy mode?
googergieger  +   1159d ago
You know those phony forced apologies parents make their kids give after they did something wrong?

All the endings reek of, "We're sorry". Only no parent is around to tell them to say it like they mean it.
Perez  +   1159d ago
Just watched the vids and for me personally its par for the course for Biowares recent releases.

Call me old or what but I miss games that thought about the ending before they actually got to it.

if this is biowares best it pales in comparison to what they used to make imo.

Im done with BW and if I can help it done with EA...no one ever comes out right after working with them.
MacDonagh  +   1159d ago
Just to add; those endings weren't written by the head writer of ME1 and ME2 Drew Karpshyne. His "Dark Energy" script seemed really interesting, but he was taken off the team to try and boost the Old Republic MMO that is tanking like hell.
AznGaara  +   1159d ago
As someone who romanced Liara the extended cut was a great download. The two extra goodbye scenes really nailed it. I had no real problems with the original ending and two problems I did have, Squadmates on the Normandy and Anderson at the Citadel, were addressed. Sure this Extended Cut isn't perfect, I thought the second half where it basically turns into a slideshow was lazy but its free so I can't complain.
solidsnake222  +   1159d ago
You can trigger the refusal ending by shooting the child too.
--Onilink--  +   1159d ago
i did it by mistake the 1st time, i was walking over to the destroy part, which was my choice always and then i remembered, oh yeah, i still got to shoot that stupid little kid for forcing me into this stupid decisions... and thats when i saw there was a new ending,lol
ShinraE5  +   1159d ago
Star Kid explained? Check.
Reapers explained? Check.
Crew on the Normandy explained? Check (but barely).

Overall, my grieveances were addressed. I mean you could compain about the cockblock that was the shepard breathing segment...or the issues with the post world issues in trying to travel on damaged relays, initial survival issues, etc...but in the end it was solid.

Still not up to the usual bioware or ME pedigree...but I can walk away much more satisfied than I did with the original end !
WitWolfy  +   1159d ago
Things not explained on top of my mind:

-Why Hackett assumes every one is dead after the beam rush, but magically knows your at the Citadel tower control panel when it wont fire?
-Your gun having unlimited ammo...
-Why Harbinger just flew away if you weren't dead?
-Where was that "real game changer" BW promised if you saved the Rachni?

Im sure there a lot more but I just dont care anymore. They fudged up of what could've been the best Sci-Fi game in history.
Deadpool616  +   1159d ago
So did EA help Bioware, or hinder them? I never played the Mass Effect games and I'm curious to know if people think the game would've been better if EA wasn't involved?
azshorty2003  +   1159d ago
I will say im happiER with the endings. All the extra content did make them more unique. But it didn;t answer all the questions. I did really like the Refusal ending.

And after watching them all, it really made the Destroy option really seem like the 'wrong or bad' decision. The other 2 seemed like the 'right/good' choices.

Overall, I wasn't expecting to be blown away. We got better explanations and context, for the most part. HappiER? Yes. Bioware forgiven? No.
PirateThom  +   1159d ago
It's still crap because, ultimately, instead of having three endings with no relevence to your choices, there's four.

The whole "deus ex machina" aspect of the Citadel and Starkid was lazy then and is still lazy now because it reduces three games into "pick a colour" and none are satisfying or take your choices into consideration, which is the problem the ending already had. Adding more is good, but doesn't fix the core problem that it doesn't matter how you acted during the first three games, you can change everything by choosing your favourite colour.
#23 (Edited 1159d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
kesvalk  +   1159d ago
finally! closure!

it was really all that was missing, closure to the series. Still not as detailed as i would like, but it's enough to wrap the "Shepard trilogy"(as we know they will release new entries in the ME universe).
VTKC  +   1159d ago
I havent watched any of the new endings. But reading the comments here. I take it that they didnt go with the indoctrination theory.
I am very hesitant to go watch them as it took me awhile to indoctrinate myself in what actually happened at the final moments of this epic game.
vikingland1  +   1159d ago
I really did love the whole ME series but ME3 got so many gamers mad. It had holes for sure but look at how passionate gamers are. I don't remember a game that got people scratching their heads so much. Free DLC is a good thing and I am happy with it.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1159d ago
I sure hope they're still up to something much bigger with DLC; this could really innovate how DLC works and how much more immersive games can be. The entire story and lore is just too fleshed out and well done to end like this, it's just too damn strange.

Otherwise, this truly is the sad reality: http://social.bioware.com/f...
#27 (Edited 1159d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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