PS Vita sale enters final week, more than 40 PSP titles and minis discounted!

El33tonline writes:

"If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the PS Vita sale currently on the European PlayStation Store then you have just one more week to do so. The sale, which ends on July 4th, currently includes digital-only and retail titles, and will see over 40 Vita-compatible PSP games and minis being discounted from tomorrow (June 27th)."

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topekomsi1911d ago


Protagonist1911d ago

Buying Persona 3 Portable again ;D

PT Fone Home1911d ago

Is Persona 3 Portable worth a look? And Tactics Orge?

Eazy-Eman1911d ago

It's damn sure worth a look. It's dark, humorous, and deals with themes of death, loss,and the occult. It's gothic and deep, and I fully recommend you try it. I'm 83 hours in my first playthrough and I'm still no where near beating the game, I need at least 17 more hours. Orpheus Telos will be mine!!!

PT Fone Home1910d ago

Thanks - for that price I'm sold!

Protagonist1911d ago

I beat the game last year on my PSP and honestly it is the best game I have ever played. Since I never beat it with the female protagonist, this is a perfect reason and opportunity to but P3P again for my VITA.

Yes it is more worth than a look , just get the game while it is on sale ;D

PT Fone Home1910d ago

Cheers... I'll pick it up when I get paid tomorrow..

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