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Top Tuesday: 5 Games that make you ask 'Why?'

Contrary to popular belief, games can be about more than shooting people in the face. The medium has a vast selection of genres, styles and premises. From the weird and wonderful to the realistic and gritty, we have all our bases covered. But there are some games that you really have to stop and say: Why? (Culture, Dirty Dancing, Fight Club, Industry)

schmoe  +   765d ago
There was a dirty dancing game?!?!?!? How on earth did that escape my radar???
Choc_Salties  +   765d ago
Sad thing was I actually played that Michael Jordan game, yuck. And Fight Club the game? Didn't even know there was one...
DFogz  +   765d ago
Abe Lincoln is an unlockable character :D
bosbvok  +   765d ago
Someone made a Dirty Dancing game? Save us!! :)

Other games that made me say "Why?"
1. Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game
2. Anything tied to a Gameshow (Like Deal or no Deal)
3. Catwoman the game
TooTall19  +   765d ago
Deal or No Deal is my least favorite game show ever. They do nothing to earn the money. It's single player Wheel of Fortune for the mentally challenged.
granthinds  +   765d ago
But the question is, "Why?"
schmoe  +   765d ago
bosbvok: My daughter would Play Hanna Montana no matter how crap the game is & I would play WITH catwoman :-)
bosbvok  +   765d ago
ROFL, I can't dispute that :D
schmoe  +   765d ago
Now this idea is stuck in my head! Any idea where i can get a catwoman outfit for my gf? latex or leather, not fussy :-0
shodan74  +   765d ago
This is hilarious. Particularly the 'diabetic superhero' title.

Surely some of the games in question have to make it in to the 'so bad it's good' category? Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part...
RustedMan  +   765d ago
I think Fight Club could have been a decent fighting game, I'm not going to lie.

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