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Rainbow Moon being considered for PS Vita

The boss of SideQuest Studios, the Italian team behind the newly announced PSN game Rainbow Moon is thinking about doing a Vita version. Marcus Pukropski's translated comment is, "We are currently considering developing a version for PS Vita, so it is certainly a possibility. If we decide to do this, however, it will take a long time. So if you are an avid fan of Rainbow Moon, unfortunately, over the next months there will be no alternative to the PSN version." (PS Vita, Rainbow Moon)

ThanatosDMC  +   1061d ago
I watched a youtube video about this game.... wtf is it?

Related video
forevercloud3000  +   1061d ago
It is a Full Featured Strategy RPG title for Download on the PS3. It has just as many features as your typical full priced SRPG you would buy elsewhere but for $15. It will even have a Platinum Trophy(most DL Games on PSN lack one)
r21  +   1061d ago
Dont consider, make it! This is a game i'd love to play on the go especially since its a SRPG game and those kind of games takes hours.
Darth Gamer  +   1061d ago
Just watched the trailer and a dev diary, and it's a day one purchase for me. I love these type of games.

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