Rainbow Moon being considered for PS Vita

The boss of SideQuest Studios, the Italian team behind the newly announced PSN game Rainbow Moon is thinking about doing a Vita version. Marcus Pukropski's translated comment is, "We are currently considering developing a version for PS Vita, so it is certainly a possibility. If we decide to do this, however, it will take a long time. So if you are an avid fan of Rainbow Moon, unfortunately, over the next months there will be no alternative to the PSN version."

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ThanatosDMC2096d ago

I watched a youtube video about this game.... wtf is it?

forevercloud30002096d ago

It is a Full Featured Strategy RPG title for Download on the PS3. It has just as many features as your typical full priced SRPG you would buy elsewhere but for $15. It will even have a Platinum Trophy(most DL Games on PSN lack one)

r212096d ago

Dont consider, make it! This is a game i'd love to play on the go especially since its a SRPG game and those kind of games takes hours.

Darth Gamer2096d ago

Just watched the trailer and a dev diary, and it's a day one purchase for me. I love these type of games.