Pokemon Black & White 2 Sells 1.6 Million Units First Week

Enterbrain and Famitsu have provided a first week sales figure for Pokemon Black & White 2. The DS sold 1,618,621 in its first week of sales. As the game was released on a Saturday, the "first week" includes just two days.

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EcoSos32096d ago

That was only in 2 days, now what Nintendo needs to do is make a real pokemon game for the WiiU.

omarzy2096d ago

Cannot wait for this game! Lets see if this can beat the 14 million sales of Black/White. i do not see Pokemon dying, and make a Pokemon MMO for Wii U, and traditional one for the Wii U.

TheLyonKing2096d ago

Holy cr*p you crazy Japanese! That's mental congrats, even though I didn't want a squeal.

eagle212095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

2 days is insane especially with the prices higher in japan.

"DS has now reached 32,855,241 units. 3DS has reached 6,288,334 units in japan."