10 Video Games That Should Have Sequels

Mashable writes: Just because the powers that be didn’t see franchise potential doesn’t stop us from yearning to revisit the characters and worlds these unappreciated gems introduced us to. Here are 10 games that we wish had become franchises.

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Ramas1942d ago

nah... non of those games needs sequels, well maybe bully, but thats all.
Heavy rain do not need sequel at all becouse story is complete. + (i am sure you heard about Beyond two souls)
and regarding heavenly sword, you what cant have enough of ninja gaiden type games? it was ok when was released onnew platform and play station 3 was young, but now, meh dont want.

Hufandpuf1942d ago

We have Ninja Gaiden??? Did you see how trash 3 was? I think Heavenly Sword 2 would be a very welcome edition to hack and slash.

Kurt Russell1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I wouldn't say Ninja Gaiden and Heavenly Sword play that similar to eachother :/

TBH as for HS - trophy support would be almost like a sequel to me :D

Thatguy-3101942d ago

it would be cool if GG made a sequel to haze

c1oudy1942d ago

Its not even funny how much I want that to happen.

MWH1941d ago

it's frustrating i know.