No Final Fantasy VII Remake Until Original Has Been Topped -- Square Enix CEO

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada gave today a specific condition on when we'll get a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

During the Q&A session of the company's annual shareholder's briefing, Wada was asked the expected question about the much wanted remake. His response was something to the effect of, we'll make a Final Fantasy VII remake once we've made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FFVII.

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xtheownerzx2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

LOL that's pretty much never. Has he seen the quality of work they've put out recently?

user77927882096d ago

Versus XIII, it can do it!

Tr10wn2096d ago

.... really? have you seen the leaked gameplay is old gameplay i know but still, it wont top ff7 but maybe will top 12,13 and lol 14.

Alos882096d ago

If Versus even exists at this point I'll be impressed.

GUNS N SWORDS2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

"No Final Fantasy VII Remake Until Original Has Been Topped"

simple, make a true sequel to any of these three titles and they can start making that remake.

parasite eve


vagrant story

user54670072095d ago

Well they have in a way FF8 and FF9 were better in quality then FF7....not as popular because they are always are in FF7 shadow but I think we can nearly all agree they are better gameplay wise.

iamtehpwn2096d ago

It's actually pretty big of him to publicly admit the decline of Final Fantasy, and say that "we have to improve". Now, the real test will be if he re-looks at the teams who's leading them (Toriyama shouldn't be fired, he should just be moved to spin off games and making new IP), and tries to invest in making it Greatest Final Fantasy we've seen since it's glory days.

dboyman2096d ago

Another way to improve FF is for Wada to step down from his position from S-E.He is part of the problem...

Kratoscar20082096d ago

Good luck with that, XIII doesnt even have what it takes to lick VII shoes.

saulx602096d ago

Original was topped with FF12 in my opinion. FF7 is to overhyped

Farsendor12096d ago

i liked ffx story better

NCAzrael2096d ago

While I will always personally prefer VI over any other Final Fantasy game, and Chrono Trigger over any other Square Enix game, VII was still a remarkable game, and a breakthrough for the series in terms of making the change from pixel sprites to polygons. In terms of story, I again would have to say that VI is my favorite, but VII is a very close second that has yet to be topped. Not to say that they haven't made a decent Final Fantasy since VII (I liked IX, and XII was good as well) but they haven't made one that has felt as solid since.

saulx602096d ago

And Wada actually is suggesting the current teams they have aren't good enough, he's right. And he's finally saying things that give me at least a little hope that the company might some day not suck anymore.

The company has been getting progressively worse since 2003, starting with FFX-2's poor treatment if FFX's world and its characters, though the inklings were already present before that in slapping the FF name on The Spirits Within (a good film, but not really a Final Fantasy). Back when Squaresoft was good, the teams would try new things but in general respect what came before if it was a spinoff or sequel, and put their all into every project they pursued. Even if the game technically sucked, the deep effort put into them shined through.

These days, such games are extremely rare. Squeenix's corporate culture has been consumed by a mix of "We can do whatever we want" and "Do whatever it takes to sell more copies."

Which is why I've expounded on 3rd Birthday so very many times. It's the definition of everything that's been wrong with Squeenix. Using an old IP as a sales gimmick for ideas that clearly should have been a new IP. Completely changing the personalities of "Maeda" and "Aya" to fit Toriyama's perverted, disrespectful fantasies because he thinks he can get away with it. Putting "Aya" in various fetish outfits, making the shower scene into softcore porn and adding a clothes-ripping-off mechanic. Then on top of it all, both Toriyama and Tabata outright lied about the contents and intentions of the game, claiming "Aya" would be a cool mature woman (Toriyama) and that the clothes-ripping-off mechanic was meant to be for realism (Tabata), both of which were blatantly assuming their traditional audience is a pack of idiots that will believe anything they say even as they try to target the sexist horndog crowd.

While 3rd Birthday was the worst case, the way Toriyama and Kitase initially responded to criticism of FF13 is a sign of this too, by blaming linearity on needing it to enhance the story (yeah, because FF7 suffered so much from having towns and explorations in dungeons) and having almost no towns on the PS3 supposedly not being able to handle HD towns.

Some people are bound to argue with me that they think those games are great in their opinions for various reasons, or that the company has other games that have been great in that time, but that's missing the point. No matter what you may think, I think most of us can agree that their games at least haven't been as good as they once were. The corporate culture at Squeenix has been poisonous. The excuse-making, the pursuit of cheap sales gimmicks, the self-obsessed forcing of personal fantasies on old IPs with the idea they can do anything and people will lap it up, all of it are signs of creative sickness that slowly destroy both the creators themselves and the company that hires them.

It took way too long for Wada to try to clean up the mess, but late is better than never. I just hope he actually tries to undo the damage caused by games like 3rd Birthday, and if he does, that it's not too late to save the company. But regardless, 3rd Birthday needs to be made noncanon with a new game. It's a symbol of everything they've been doing wrong; repairing the damage it caused is the only way to show they really mean it when they say they want to be the best company they can be.

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