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No Thanks for No Games, Microsoft

MMGN Summary: Microsoft’s lack of commitment to original exclusives is baffling and disappointing.

The current console generation has introduced and established many new fun, innovative, and otherwise noteworthy exclusive intellectual properties alongside existing heavy-hitters. From the likes of Gears of War to Uncharted, Alan Wake to Heavy Rain, and Crackdown to inFamous, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have gone head-to-head over the last six years to win over gamers with their platform’s new and unique gaming experiences.

As the current gen has lasted much longer than previous ones, it is only logical that both companies would use their extended time and assets wisely to appease the fans of both consoles who crave more unique gaming experiences to help them survive the long, harsh hardware winter.

But alas, it’s 2012, and while Sony seems to remain dedicated and focused on bringing exclusives and new IPs to their fans even six years on, Microsoft remains unsure or perhaps content with primarily relying on Halo, Gears, and its Kinect-based affairs to chug along until this gen is over. (Dev, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

AngelicIceDiamond  +   1249d ago
In honesty, I know this sounds typical, but Multiplats really keep me satisfied and busy. I really don't have a problem. Halo and Forza look really good, as well as Gears no new Ip line up, But the exclusives are there. Ascend new gods and Day Z (whenever that comes out) Looks very promising I wanna see more on LocoCycle and Ryse soon.

At the moment Multiplats is doing its job keeping me entertained I'm happy honestly its cool with me.

Sony's line up couldn't be more healthier with Last Of Us and Beyond those 2 games that look amazing, and hopefully it turns out great. As well as Sly and GoW prequel next year looks very bright for PS3 owners.
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AAACE5  +   1249d ago
I kinda get what youre saying, however i abandoned 360 because they lacked variety. Yet i went to ps3, i still find myself playing the multiplat games more. Still works for mebecause i dont have to pay for xbl. But the tradeoff is that games like cod dony look as good on 0s3 as they do on 360. I get kinda jealous when i watch cod on 360 and then play it on ps3. But thats the price i pay.
cobblestone19  +   1249d ago
I meant to disagree with you. Just thought I'd let you know.
EVILDEAD360  +   1249d ago
Micrsoft has Games..Fan bloggers pretend they don't exist...
LOL @ another fan blogger article that literally has to pretend that the 360 has zero games on it while supposedly other do.

Heres are the facts..The biggest 4 franchises that have graced the 360 are Halo, Gears, Fable,and Forza..But THESE are not the ONLY exclusives on the 360.

When Micrsoft releases ANY of these franchise Fan Bloggers MUST pretend they don't exist to make their point.

If you were a core 360 gwamer from day one then you know the big games ended up later becoming multi were Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Rainbow Six: Vegas, GRAW, etc..

NOTHING has changed EVERY single one of those games still come to the 360 and are supported in a HUGE way by the 360 core. But to make a point NONE of these gamers exist anymore AND Micrsoft should compete AGAINST them instead of supporting the fact that these are what your core want to play.

XBLA has so many amazing experiences on it that it's easy to lose count. Even in the wake of lauded games like my personal fave Shadow Complex,last year's Bastion and the upcoming Dead Light, fan bloggers MUST pretend they don't exist to make their point.

Kinect was released and of course it's biggest two franchise have been Kinect Sports and Dance Central which have both done amazing numbers for a peripheral.

But sibce it's Kinect, these games Don't exist.

Then there is the new IP argument which JUST started the day 'Last of Us' was announced at the VGAs.

Why it's hilarious is that NO major new IPs was released by ANY of the major 3 consoles for 2011..And no matter how the article is pretending there are NO Major NEW IPs coming for the 3 consoles in 2012.

So explain how the 360 has NO games..Oh that's right Witcher 2 (last year's PC champ) and Minecraft (the new XBLA champ)..literally don't exist because umm they were on a PC not a console..PC).

Halo 4 with it's 200-man team simply by the auther is simply just another title. When we all kjnow it's the biggest exclusive of 2012 and will have thousands and thousands on midnight lines in a fervor to play it when it drops in November. Name another game not named Call of Duty that can say that THIS year.

Nah..but it's just umm another Halo..so it does not exist in fan blogger world.

Forza Horizon doesnt exist because CLEARLY it made more sense for Micrsoft to release Banjoo Karting. THEN and ONLY then would the title get ANY recognition.

Fable; The Journey definately doesnt exist because it's Kinect. Although I remember plenty the the usual bloggers allowed to use Sorcery in their argument for the last couple of years.

Bottomline in fanblogger world NO GAMES on the 360 exist, but LOG OFF and guess what? All of those games that getr panned online, all of those games that DON'T exist are being played right now and will be on 360s..the same goes for Sony and Nintendo.

Redgehammer  +   1248d ago
I agree 100%. I have so many games to play right now on my 360 that it is a chore, sometimes, to decide what type of experience I am looking for, when I am ready to play. Yet, the 360 is somehow lacking and inferior. Maybe I am delusional, but I truly prefer my delusions over the delusions I read, on N4G, daily.
maniacmayhem  +   1248d ago

110% agree with you.

The 360 is on it's last leg it has been out for 6(?) years now? Its winding down, the proof is out there that MS is gearing up for not only Surface but its next console. Every major console in the past has had the same ramp down near the end of its console cycle. How is this any different?
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otherZinc  +   1248d ago

That was an absolute Masterful Piece you wrote!

And I support that writing!
Blacksand1  +   1249d ago
Your Satisfied? If I had a 360 I would be mad as hell, there not giving use no games but Halo,Forza,Gears and Fable. If I was paying I would call and ask Microsoft what the hell going on here, I need more then Kenect and Smart Glass. I need Games!!!!
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Rob Hornecker  +   1249d ago
MS and Sony have the same way of thinking and have turned hardcore gaming into to much of a family entertainment hub and not stayed with just having a game console. Thank goodness that there are still 3rd party game companies out there to compensate for both consoles lack of exclusive titles.

We have come along way from the days of a magnovox odessey 2 and every game console in history has tried to turn it into something in wasn't built for.

I have been a hardcore gamer for over 35 years now and will continue to love it till I can't hold a controller anymore!

With the PS4 and Xbox720 right around the corner,it will be interesting to see what will happen in the future. Being that your both alot younger than me,you should let your thoughts on gamings future be heard.

They didn't have web sites,twitter,blogs and the internet when I started gaming. Social media is the best way to let these game console companies know what you want to see.

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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1249d ago
@BlackSand1 And that's just it, when you go to sites like this, this kind of stuff gets under ppls skin no Ip's and no exclusives and such. But when I shut off the internet and a brand new game gets released like BL2 or AC3 for example. I'm having a great time playing it. I don't think "omg its multiplat its bad" or whatever. I dunno, its hard to explain, I guess its more a personal feeling.

I guess what I'm saying is, when the internet is on, all this no Ip exclusive stuff, I guess "matters" but when the internet shuts off all that goes away and I'm having fun with games with my friends.
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glennco  +   1249d ago
it is really just fanboys. everything is black or white with them.
Rob Hornecker  +   1249d ago
Oh how true! Having BF3 since its day of release I have spent countless hours playing the VS mode and just recently started the single player.

The xbox/xbox 360 and PS3 took gaming to the next level...The internet! I now can play a game 24/7 with people ALL over the world! There is a big difference between the xbox and 360 as far as the gaming experince itself. The 360 ( as well as the PS3 ) got to family! Censorship has taken alot of the cool Gamer tags I use to know and also killing off there inhouse game development teams. ( Bungie comes to mind )

To me what has killed gaming is to many young kids on XBL/PSN. In these days of me,me,me, foul mouth little spoiled brats has really been a turn off. As Glennco stated the term "fanboy" wouldn't be around if not for them! and there the ones that bitch the most about EVERYTHING!
And I should know because I work with these kids 11 months of the year.

There are some GREAT games out there for both systems that aren't from inhouse game companies...You just have to find them!
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Blacksand1  +   1249d ago
You right i buy AC3,NCAA,GTA and more I'm just say how these company taking our money but not pleasing us with good games you have a computer for the other stuff, I just won't to play good hardcore games.
gazgriff2k12  +   1249d ago
evildead360 we know the games exist we just don't care and are bored to death with the same four exclusive games.
C0MPUT3R  +   1249d ago
Exclusives don't matter. I like paying more for less.
Intentions  +   1249d ago
IMO exclusives are only for console sales that's about it. Mainly people play multi-plats anyway, sure I own a 360 (and ps3) and play Halo etc, but i mainly stick with multi plats.

The 360 is doing well for "No Games" ay, otherwise microsoft wouldn't announce halo 4 etc and developing the next gen xbox.
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dcbronco  +   1249d ago
Exclusives don't always sell consoles. If they did, the PS3 would have passed the 360 a long time ago. It hasn't because all of those exclusives that fanboys keep talking about haven't made a difference. Gears and Halo have sold more consoles than all of Sony's exclusives combined.

None of Sony's exclusives are a factor in the mainstream. Not many outside of the gaming community knows what Resistance, LBP or InFamous are. But there's a chnce they know what Halo is. They might know Mario or Ms. Pacman. But not Killzone. System movers attract everyone. Sony doesn't have a title like that. With all of the advantages Sony had coming into this generation, they are still behind. And this generation is almost done so that is where they will remain.
ginsunuva  +   1248d ago
Exclusives can take full advantage of a system and its capabilities. Look at Uncharted.
tehpees3  +   1249d ago
Halo is a massive seller. Of course Microsoft will use it. They do seem to be under the impression that the core want nothing but Halo, Gears and Forza with a side of Fable and the odd sequel there.

Microsoft have tonnes of games but don't use them.
dcbronco  +   1249d ago
They might be under the impression that it is a small group of people that say exclusives matter. Sales numbers and console sales say that they don't matter.

Sony released four of their biggest exclusives last year. Resistance 3, LBP 2, Killzone 3 and InFamous 2. It should have been a huge year for Sony. Those are some of the titles the fanboys love to brag about. What happened? Xbox outsold the PS3 worldwide for the year.

Exclusives don't matter.
Biggest  +   1248d ago
Barely and for the first year in their shared existence. Microsoft also released their new thing last year which was meant to drive sales through the roof. But while they made a killing during the holiday season they barely beat the PS3. Which would actually point to exclusives meaning a LOT. The PS3 only had exclusives. The 360 had "Like a new console launch". The sales of the Kinect and 360 show that the initial release gave a huge jump that died down. The sales of the PS3 show steady sales and growth with only the original hardware and tons of exclusive games (and that snazzy PS+ program).
dcbronco  +   1246d ago
New thing, old thing. It doesn't matter. Sony fans say exclusives matter and that is the difference. But it wasn't. They sold fewer consoles with four of their heavy hitters. It was a six year old console beating the console that supposedly started the generation. There are no excuses. And considering most of those exclusives barely sold any copies, how can you claim they mattered?

SO I agree that new equipment sells consoles. Kinect sold consoles. But Sony exclusives didn't you put all together yourself and still seem to want to avoid acknowledging it. And they are on their second version. PS3 Slim is not the original configuration.

And if by PS+ you mean PSN+, you do realize that is just a way to get you to pay for online multi-player? Ask yourself how much it cost Sony to give you those games that were on the server anyway? Most that they own outright. Others they might have financed or got for cheap. It's no different than MS throwing in Halo: Reach and keeping the price of the Premium $299. It cost them less than $200 to make a Premium. But if a free game gets you to pay an extra hundred, it's great for them.

So things aren't as snazzy as they seem.
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MasterCornholio  +   1249d ago
Theres plenty of games on the 360 especially with Kinect. Those 18 million people who bought the device should be happy because they have tons of games to play. Also the core have plenty of multiplats, Gears of War, Forza and Halo so they really shouldnt complain.
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TheSaint  +   1249d ago
Why don't Sony and Microsoft make a combined console and dominate for the next hundred years?

How good would that be? No more fanboys.
Hicken  +   1249d ago
Because the two have massively different approaches to gaming, and I don't think there's any reconciling the two methods.
Rob Hornecker  +   1249d ago
This doesn't seem as far fetched as it may sound! When the PS3 and 360 launched,there main compittion wasn't so much with each other ( the "fanboys" are to blame for that ) It was with a long established company Nintendo.

With companies merging all the time and some of the new hardware sony has released not being a big seller and who knows if MS's new tablet will be a huge seller.

Anything can happen.
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dcbronco  +   1249d ago
MS was definitely after Sony. Sony dominated gaming the last two generations. The Gamecube barely sold. It was no better than the original Xbox.

MS and Sony are both competing for the same market. The hardcore gaming entertainment hub market. Nintendo barely bothered with online and other forms of entertainment seemed to be an afterthought for them. The Wii doesn't even play DVDs.

Plus MS has actually allowed some of their games to be published on Nintendo handhelds. I don't think they would ever do that with Sony.
glennco  +   1249d ago
MS need to do better in the gamer space. they could have it all if they got just a couple of decent new non-kinect exclusive IPs. but for me the only exclusive i play is forza anyway. not interested in gears or halo but also not interested in uncharted, god of war or killzone for that matter (i have played them). i generally play multiplats and i'm fussy as hell these days. and i am completely and utterly over interactive movies passed off as games.

i don't think the next xbox will be any better though, unfortunately, so i'll probably be buyin a PS4 next time around. kinect may be the future, but it stinks right now.
Rob Hornecker  +   1249d ago
Glennco,Thanks for your comments and postings, I own both systems also.,but have to say that I prefer the 360 over the PS3. ( I have more friends from the xbox days and well over 200+ xbox games)

With the next gen of consoles coming,I have to agree with you that inhouse games will become a thing of the past no matter what system you get in the future.

If I like a game enough,I will get it for both systems if its a mutli platform.
ipe  +   1249d ago
"So what that Halo and Gears have sold millions more than all of Sony's exclusives combined;"

not in this universe mmgn.
TheLyonKing  +   1249d ago
I am not the biggest Microsoft fan and so I am very happy with the games coming to it. Halo, Forza and a new gears will keep me playing it. My ps3 is used for multi's these days and ps3 exclusives make it my home choice but when MS brings out games like this it is usually of high quality and so I for one think its enough to keep me on my 360 a bit longer.

MS has never been one to push boundaries and bring out big new ip's.
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birdykilla  +   1249d ago
The only reason I went with the 360 way back in 2007 was because Halo 3 and Bioshock were coming out for it. I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of good quality titles this gen. If you compare the titles to last gen, we've been spoiled with new IP's. Gears, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Uncharted, and countless others. Sony has way more dev studios under their belt and it shows. Like they say some of the most talented game makers work for a Sony owned company. I own a Xbox 360, PS3, and a PC from late 2004. Next thing I'm buying is a new PC and I'll probably pick up a Wii finally while I'm at it. That won't happen for a few years because my backlog of games is already to high. I won't be ready for next gen systems until the end of next gen, by then the systems will be cheap and bundled with something cool, and the games will be plentiful. I plan on having a backlog until the day I die.

People need to quit complaining about games in general. If you think games are repetitive, dull, frustrating, and not worth your time. Then go watch a video or listen to music. All games eventually become repetitive, if that makes you frustrated and the game seems dull after awhile then quit playing and do something else.
TheKayle  +   1249d ago
i had a dream.....microsoft plan is to dominate and destroy all the other console companies....how to do it?
just making the xbox a real HOME entertainment hub...
Cmon u think that microsoft couldnt buy some studio (naughty dog too!) and make some exclusives....they got 3 or 4 times the money of sony....but they dont u know why?...they r making more money than their rival..sony..at the same time they attacked the wii market..with the kinect...and what happen? kinect most piece hw selled in the history of the technology (with the iphone)

What they wanna do? brand recognition......win 8 on the xbox for u is nothing right?..well i tell u that ur old dad.that one very ignorant on the "geeky" stuff...will know how to use their mobile or tablet or whatever through the xbox with smart glass...with internet explorer on it (they will tell u..I KNOW THIS BROWSER i got it in my office for 20 years!...they will know channels like sky or espn or blablalbala...but they will hate ps browser continusly crash ...and go away after 1 min...

they will understand how to use kinect with the tv coz most sold tv like samsung r using voice control and face recognition too in the last model(samsung)...but they will never take an wii+ (the ps move) on their hands coz they hate it..its geeky or they would prefeer just the remote controller of the tv

they will understand if one day they MUST..broswe trought xbox interface coz will be tooo similar on their pc (metro) tablet (metro) mobile (metro)...but they will be bored to use that bad designed of the ps

when this will happen...u will no ask to have more games...coz every freakin games studio in the world...would produce just and only (or at max in multiplat way) for that console...that ALSO ur ignorant dad is using..

wii is going again for not serious gaming (more young oriented)

ps remain what they think to be for hardcore gamers

xbox going for the bingo and take everything

Now if i must say the truth...im not seeing the wii come out with a different approch......like im not seeing sony being ready to rival microsoft in that segment ...entertainment hub for the home.....coz they r just too behind with the interface ..broswer...hw like kinect..and first at all...they dont have a OS behind ..famous like Windows 8....and if microsoft made more money than sony did with the ps3...i think that sony should be MORE and MORE scared of what could happen this time......coz this time microsoft is betting high...xbox want come out from the "console only " segment..while the sony still talk about harcore..(something that touchscreen generation dont know anymore what it mean and isnt interested )....sony isnt realizing it....but for me that im 34 years old....the only machine that i call hardcore for gaming isnt the ps3 or the xbox.....is one of the 5 pcs that i got at home

Guys Microsoft is going against Apple Sony Nintendo against all the set top box for tvs companies...ecc ecc...now ...coz against sony .....money talking..the already win the battle...and sony isnt anymore this dangerous seen their financial situation...

now i know that u r goign to disagree and blablalbabla but im an happy owner of xbox and ps3...and i think my fav game on console r been mass effect and uncharted...but as u seeing give developer time..and they will understand what gamers want.....see the new tomb raider?..will be multiplat...and also xbox fans will get their "ala uncharted" action adventure game...

hardcore gaming is like 0.1% and is certanly not on the consoles

ps. sorry for my english
gazgriff2k12  +   1249d ago
dont worry about your enlish just your facts.

1. people buy a console for gaming first FACT!
2. hardcore gaming is developed for console then ported to pc's these days FACT!
3. non gamers like to play kinect, wii and smart phones / tablets. gamers stick to consoles and handhelds and pc's. none gamers play solitaire on there pc's FACT!
TheKayle  +   1249d ago
1) till now :) microsoft wanna just change THIS..if u understand what they r doing it..
2) that games r multiplat and u will have it on xbox and pcs too...u r not talking about just ps exclusives...so i dont see the problem
3) gamers r a big family gaz....ill not would exclude ppl that was playing bouble bouble in the coin op and call hardcore just that who was playing street fighter ( im old i know!)

there r games for everyone..and all r gamers...my mum play a lots cards on the ipad in a community ...shes not working is playing adn enjoying (ps my mum is close to 70 years old!)....so i call her gamer...my dad play lineage 2 (still) on the pc..and i go around with pcs xbox and ps3...

kinect is just a way to play .....i could prefeer mouse keyboard or pad...but is just a way ....not be racist

if i need to continue to answer ill modify this...coz i havent anymore bubble
vega275  +   1249d ago
"1)people buy a console for gaming first FACT" wrong. at one point in time console s was sold solely for the purpose of gaming. now console do so much more that it offer people more than just gaming, just like cell phone do more than just make phone calls.

"2)hardcore gaming is developed for console then ported to pc's these days FACT" wrong again. hardcore games are also crweated on pc and ported to consoles also whitcher 2 says hi. i admitt more dev's are making games with consoles in mind and pc as a after thought. but there are still hardcore games on pc.

"3)non gamers like to play kinect, wii and smart phones / tablets. gamers stick to consoles and handhelds and pc's. none gamers play solitaire on there pc's FACT" here is one of the dumbest comments ever. who is anyone to determine who is a real gamer because they play kinect or angry bird. i am a real gamer and i still play angry bird when I'm on th train or bus heading home and i can do more with my tablet like read a book and more and i could with the vita or 3ds.

this core and casual argument is plain stupid. i have yet to see anyone go to (insert game store) and say they didn't want to buy a game because it was casual. if you like a game then it shouldn't matter if it's core or casual.
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ALLWRONG  +   1249d ago
Strange when people say "MS has no games" when they just showed more games than Sony at E3.
Hicken  +   1248d ago
You mean all those games that'll be on PS3, Vita, and even the Wii U? Yeah, Microsoft really showed those games.

How hard is it for you guys to get through your head that "MS has no games" refers specifically to the games MS is directly involved in the creation of?

Strange that multiplats weren't part of the equation when people were saying "PS3 has no games," but now they count for the 360.
ALLWRONG  +   1248d ago
MS also showed more exclusives. That's right, more exclusives and multiplat, but "they have no games" right? In fact the 360 has more games overall with BC Xbox games, retail, indi, Kinect and arcade.
vega275  +   1248d ago
@ hicken
"How hard is it for you guys to get through your head that "MS has no games" refers specifically to the games MS is directly involved in the creation of" OOOOOOOH so now MS has no games because they didn't make the games themselve. this is your logic as to why you keep harping MS has no games,even though they showed more exclusives than sony.

now i understand your logic (stupid) but i understand. they must create IP's not publish them. got it /s
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BrutallyBlunt  +   1248d ago
What a surprise, here's Hicken again in a negative Microsoft topic. Microsoft showed Halo 4, Forza Horizon and a new Gears of War game. Are they not exclusives?

So now what, Kinect games didn't count, XBLA games never counted and now existing franchises don't either? Nice discussion. What a way to debate rationally.

Don't worry, people like Hicken will continue to focus all of his efforts on any weakness the XBBOX360 may have just so that this feud between XBOX360 gamers and Playstation gamers is still going. The guy needs to grow up and if Microsoft is not providing what he wants then go to topics that serve his needs.
#13.1.3 (Edited 1248d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
Ben_Grimm  +   1248d ago
So wait...

the new Gears, Halo, Forza and Alan Wake don't count?
Not to mention the great titles on XBLA?
Thos don't either?

Strange that Sony releases Last of Us and a clone of Super Smash Bros. and all of a sudden Sony is ahead in the games race and MS has no games.

The bubble system sure does work for trolls like you Hicken.
SignifiedSix  +   1248d ago
Lol people also fail to realize that Microsoft has a shit ton of XBLA and XBLIG games. All the Indie games on LIVE ARE exclusives. So guess what? Microsoft has hell of a lot more exclusives. Enjoy your handful of exclusives while we have thousands of them! ;)
Nac  +   1248d ago
Oh, as someone who owned an original Xbox I am very upset to see where we are today versus yesterday. I myself am boycotting any Microsoft published exclusive until they release a new IP. Kinds sucks, I really wanted Halo 4.
Morgue  +   1248d ago
I'm starting to notice that when articles like this are written, submitted and approved. The comments for them are slowly dwindling. I'm guessing that beating a dead horse proves that it's dead.

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