Top 12 Most Anticipated PS Vita Games

BT writes: Let’s not split hairs here: the PS Vita is in trouble. It burst out of the gate with a huge stable of launch titles, but failed to really capitalize on that strong opening with a big “need to own” title. The closest the handheld has gotten is Gravity Rush, a beautiful little game with unfortunately limited appeal. So, what’s in the pipeline for the Vita? Here’s what I’m excited for:

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irishyort2095d ago

Sound Shapes would make most lists before a Monkey Ball game surely....

BrianC62342095d ago

What a weird list. I hardly want anything on it. I want LBP. I've noticed that's what a lot of people want. I see around three games out of those games I'm even interested in.

Hicken2095d ago

Gravity Rush is already out, so...

Sound Shapes I can agree with, and ZOE as well. I can see the appeal of Oddworld for some, and Assassin's Creed for many.

Actually, I like a lot of the games on this list. Dunno about Super Monkey Ball, though.

CLOUD19832095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Soul Sacrifice is going to be HUGE! this game looks awesome and that's the best example of a game that can only be made in 1 handheld and that's PSV, it's impossible to run this game on 3DS the same way is impossible to run Uncharted on Wii and that's where raw power give birth to amazing & beautiful games.