PS3 Update v 4.20 Live Now (w/Download Link)

The aforementioned PS3 update v4.20 is now live.

Details and download link now available.

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TerminalGamer1854d ago

Sure could use more cloud space for PS+ Game saves

FACTUAL evidence1854d ago

wish I could see the day of psn ID change feature.

ftwrthtx1853d ago

I've had my name so long at this point, changing it isn't really something I want to do, but at the same time the option should be there.

ftwrthtx1854d ago

Organization of friends list would be nice.

Summons751854d ago

Now only the Vita needs the psone firmware update

Pixel_Enemy1854d ago

I am waiting on that for sure.. I hope it happens soon

ftwrthtx1853d ago

Thanks to PS+ I have a huge library of Psone Games

Oldman1001854d ago

When are we going to get a simplified in-game XMB?

In-game XMB, loading unnecessary options and icons since 2008.

Skate-AK1854d ago

I want to be able to organize my games more. I want all my Back to the Future and Sam and Max episodes to be in order without having to put them in folders.

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