Rumor: Gerstmann, GameSpot Founder To Launch New Site?

Kotaku writes:

The whole Jeff Gerstmann/GameSpot affair was a mess. An unsightly one at that. Now that the dust has settled, however, there are whispers of Gerstmann joining up with GameSpot founder Vince Broady, launching a site to "take on GameSpot."

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TheIneffableBob3474d ago

I care, therefore making your statement false.

Ureval3474d ago

I also agree with makes your statement false and bad feedback for contributing nothing.

Cyrus3653475d ago

Well they certainly can hire all the gamespot staff that have left in the last little while. Hell they can probably call it Gamespot Version 2.0 or something.

Iron Man 23475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Who care's about the fata*s Xbox fanboy known as Jeff Gerstmann?

I sure don't;)

LMFAO Want to see Jeff Gertsmann rap?Check out the vid below!

Iamback3474d ago

Yes, now when he lost his job and has blog, he is showing his true face and how big 360 fanboy he is.

ScottEFresh3474d ago

I like Jeff and he's a great reviewer and pretty non-biased. The site will do very well indeed, can't wait!

Cyrus3653474d ago

I think the bigger news isn't that it's about Gerstmann, but that the former founder of Gamespot is possibly coming to create a new site.