Sex scene critic silenced over Mass Effect

Chloe Lake from writes:

"Outspoken conservative Kevin McCullough has been censored by his own website after angering the gaming community with his views on in-game sex scenes"

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xplosneer3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Game reviewing industry like this :
| <--Wall
| .<--GRIndusry
____________________ <--Ground

Mr_Kuwabara3747d ago

Incredible that in this day in age you can watch a movie of people blowing there limbs and heads off but when 1 minute of a woman blowing something else of a man off (you know what) all hell breaks loose.

Kami3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

and i have seen more graphic stuff in pg 13 movies. somethimes i have to watch them alone because i dont know what kind of crap might show up. i think the mass effects makers should sue their a$$es because of the bad fame they are giving to the game and for lying.

Iron Man 23747d ago

OMG ENOUGH with this Mass Effect sex scene crap!!!

003747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

should stay out of this thread then.

EDIT: wow a disagree I wonder who it could be.

Skerj3747d ago

I'm just sad that we gave this asshat hits to his site and temporary fame, that's what he was after all along.

ravinash3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

But the thing is this guy wants everyone to think the way he does....that why he entitled his book "Overturning Liberalism With Commonsense Thinking", because for some god forsaken reason he thinks that the way he thinks is common.
So its nice to see he get a slap in the face from everyone telling him NO, you can't tell us how to live our lives.

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The story is too old to be commented.