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Top 5 Most Disappointing Video Games... of All Time?

GameDynamo - "Unfortunately, many titles fail to live up to the hype that their gung-ho advertising department kicks up. As a result, the games often end up feeling as empty and unfulfilling, much like a celebrity marriage." (Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever, Haze, Lair, PC, PS3, TMNT: Turtles in Time - Reshelled, Xbox 360)

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versusALL  +   1249d ago
My Disappointing game is Resistance 3. Insomniac Games said it would include the best of both Resistance 1 and 2.(and it looked good too) But then I played it.
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antz1104  +   1248d ago
So where's Brink?
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thebudgetgamer  +   1249d ago
This guy must be new to gaming, ever heard of E.T.?
ATi_Elite  +   1249d ago
I got a List
Advent Rising for the Xbox!

So much hype for this dam game! I'm talking Trilogy Hype. Advent Rising already had 2 sequels in the works. Friggin previews made it seem more epic than a George Lucas trilogy. I'm talking major production here then the game came out and eventually BOMBED! Totally repetitive and stupid.

Strider, Sega Genesis

first 8Mb cartridge and i paid $79.99 at Toys R Us and got home and beat it in like 2 hours (if that long). Great graphics, fun game, 2 hours, $80 bucks, and No Happy ending!!

E.T., Atari 2600

we know the story, Atari made more E.T. cartridges than they did Atari 2600's and the game was made in like a week to cash in on the movie and totally SUCKED! Worst game EVER and i got it as a gift! Used socks would of been better than E.T.

State of Emergency, Playstation 2

This is why I hate Gamestop and game Magazines. Magazines hyped up this dam Rockstar game like it was the second coming of GTAIII! Everyone wanted it, everyone had it on pre-order except me! I waited until release day to get it and the Gamestop dude lied and said he played it and it was just like GTAIII. I Bought it, it sucked Donkey balls, got like $5 trade in Value 3 hours later. I knocked over all the anime figurines on my way through the store to make that lying sack of sht make up for the money i wasted.

Halo Combat Evolved PC

Halo Xbox was good for a console game. So with all the hype and Fanboys running around with tears in their eyes screaming "Master Chief" like 11 year old girls at a Nsync concert I decided to get it for my PC. Halo PC was absolute sht!! Good thing i didn't pay for it but i was still disappointed.
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SuperLupe  +   1249d ago
Where's Too Human ?
CyanideMatt  +   1249d ago
Oh that game was painful! My friend and I played it because it was the only RPG co-op game that we could find that was decent to play... but it wasn't... it was the most painful experience of my life. HORRIBLE CONTROLS... felt like it was designed for 4 player co-op and just made it for two. The difficulty felt like it with those stupid dots that exploding enemies dealt and the healing was horrendous. Worst game I wasted so much time on.
InTheLab  +   1249d ago
Duke Nukem is on sale at most major retailers for under $5...that's how bad that game is. When I think about that $60 I spent....

Replace Lair with Too Human.

ET was just terrible, but did anyone expect it to be good back then? This is most disappointing, not worst games.



Super Mario bros 2...whole lot of 2's here

Dragon Age 2

Fable franchise

Could go on forever, but those were my personal choices with DA 2 being the worst of the lot.
MacDonagh  +   1249d ago
My personal biggest disappointment in a video game has to be Mass Effect 3. Utterly disappointing in terms of gameplay, but the ending/plot in general really crushed me.

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DasTier  +   1249d ago
GTA IV should be on this list. It was a good game, but expectation were far to high and it just failed to delivery. Red Dead Redemption on the other hand, had far less expectation and gave us a much better game and experience.
jimmins  +   1249d ago
Top FIve MOSt... disappointingly – formatted Article... Titles? Of ALl Time!
TLG1991  +   1249d ago
far cry 2

splinter cell conviction

need for speed (take your pick)

call of duty (although it wasn't disappointing, i knew it was going to be crap over and over and i dint buy it i just wanted to list it lol)
Angels3785  +   1249d ago
I agree with the author 100% the haze trailer and concept looked AMAZING and bad-ass, the destroyed city controlled by a major drug business with rebels trying to end the use of it. but then the game came out and it had a cheesy plot that had sooo much potential, the graphics sucked the gameplay was boring and tedious (with the exception of nectar, which was taken away in like the first 30 min of the game). Everything that could have been was handled terribly......they should consider a haze 2 because an idea like that should not go to waste.
MyWordIsGospel  +   1248d ago
So many young gamers, 70% of games on my first home computer Spectrum zx81 played like a dog with 1 leg

Ok my list

1. Nightmare - based on the old UK childrens adventure programme in the 80's ... the game was broke, YOUC COULD NOT PROGRESS past the first 3 levels.

2. Hunchback - so difficult it made me and my brother cry

3. ET = disgusting game

4. Operation wolf (zx81 convert) so poor and hard its was untrue

5. Bionic Commando (ps3/360) - a disrgace to the 8s classic

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