What Will Namco Bandai Mean for the Future of the Smash Bros. Series?

DualShockers Writes:" In the world of competitive fighting games, there’s one series that no one seems to be able to reach an agreement about. That, ladies and gentlemen, would be the Smash Bros. series. The developers themselves have confessed that the series was never intended to be taken seriously on a competitive level, yet that hasn’t stopped fans from organizing regular full-fledged tournaments, crafting homebrew balance patches and updates, and even forming their own committee on tournament rules and practices.

Nintendo recently revealed the explosive news that development of the next Smash Bros. game would be handled by none other than Namco Bandai. One has little choice but to wonder how exactly the beloved series will be affected by this."

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Tonester9252131d ago

"As you noted, there is a certain dead end we come to if we just expand the volume of the game," "I intend to change direction a little as we go," -Sakurai

I don't know. I'm hoping for the best

John Kratos2131d ago

It means some characters from Namco's fighting games are probably going to be in it.

Burning_Finger2131d ago

They would probably never localize it and release it only for Japan. XD

PygmelionHunter2131d ago

Can't take a joke, eh, N4G?

mike1up2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

This is a good thing, short and long term.

With Namco on board Smash Bros. will be completed faster, have access to more characters, and have better online multiplayer.

If all goes well, this could mean more future partnerships between Namco and Nintendo. Namco has already promised Tekken for the WiiU launch window, and now this! Within the next couple of years, it could be Tekken and Soul Calibur for the WiiU... who knows?

Imo this is no risk at all, it is the smart move, and an easy win. This game will be epic!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2131d ago

Tekken is a Launch title for Wii U, so YES, you are right.

Ck1x2131d ago

I think in the end this will be the biggest and best SSB to date! The F-zero Sega developed for Nintendo was probably the best iteration of that franchise.

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