How Max Payne 3 made me a Rockstar fan once more

GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "Rockstar, you've made me a believer once more, and I have to say, it's good to be back."

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Merrill2162d ago

Well if you weren't already a fan(again)after the masterpiece that was Read Dead Redemption(or any previous Rockstar game), then WTF is wrong with you?

TheSanchezDavid2162d ago

Red Dead Redemption is actually a game I want to play still. But then L.A. Noire happened and I lost interest in Rockstar-published titles. Also, I still think GTAIV's main character is terribly boring.

Merrill2162d ago

Oh man do I envy you, not having played Read Dead Yet. What a treat you're in for.

user54670072162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed MP 3 but it kind of turned me off Rockstar a little bit when it comes to them creating games other then Open world games.

I don't mind them creating games what they are known for like Open World games but with MP they turned it into an action packed, explosive typical conspiracy theory story when MP used to be about noire and the dark gritty enviroments. Not to mentioning putting Max back to an old time low when the point of the "Fall of Max Payne" was Mona helping him putting his grief for his wife and daughter behind him......oh yeah <spoiler> and from what Max says in the game it sounds like they killed her off when there was an ending in which she survived in MP2.

It would be the last game to get me back interested in Rockstar if I had fallen out of love with them.

They should of stuck to what they do best and should of left MP with Remedy.

Kurylo3d2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

the multiplayer was just tacked on garbage too, but the single player story wasnt bad. I thought it was entertaining and felt like a movie, but still nothing beats the first max payne story.... sadly this series just slides worse and worse with every progression.. not saying any of them are bad, but... its just becoming a reason to shoot people from room to room, with a cliche rich bad guy. Nothing perticular special about any character... least the first one had some deep stuff going on. This one was mostly.. "hey im a drunk, and im sad... and theres bad guys that need killing.. oh yea and i unexplainably shave my head balled without reason somewhere in this one... because the developers want me looking like bruce willis."

They already destroyed die hard, why do it to max payne lol.

Jazz41082162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

If remedy made it, it would likely have been a 360 exclusive. Microsoft just needs to buy Remedy allready. Ms has 20 studios now and as far as I can tell only 6 or so of them are good for the hardcore so I think Remedy would make a great addition the the ms family. I don't believe Remedy is owned by anyone either.