5 sequels that should never have been made

PS3 Attitude: "Introducing a new weekly feature, in which PS3 Attitude takes an irreverent* look at the world of gaming. Today we’re discussing five sequels that, if we had our way, would never have seen the light of day; although, in a way we’re glad they did, because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to write this article.

*At least 37% of the following is probably incorrect."

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NYC_Gamer2364d ago

Dragon Age 2 should be on the list

da_2pacalypse2364d ago

I would give you 10 speech bubbles for that comment if I had the power lol. DA2 is just horrible lol.

guitarded772364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

If it's a role playing game that needs to be on the list my vote is for Final Fantasy X-2. It was like a Japanese Charlie's Angels.

Anon19742364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Why the hell should DA2 be on the list. The first one was a blast, the second one wasn't as good as the first but could still hold it's own. I didn't think DA2 was great by any stretch of the imagination, but I had fun with it, and the majority of reviewers agreed. If DA2 was released on it's own without the first to compare it too, no one would have said boo about it because as a stand alone rpg, it wasn't bad. It's only crime was it wasn't as good as the original. I've seen plenty of rpg's come out worse than DA2 but none seem to merit the hate that DA2 receives.

CyanideMatt2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Yes... erasing standards is good for the gaming industry /sarcasm

MacDonagh2364d ago

DA 2 was a bit of a misstep compared to Origins, but there were some good things about it. The plot was more grounded and had applicability; not to mention it was a great cave simulator.

Cajun Chicken2364d ago

I LIKED All 4 One for what it was.

BiggCMan2364d ago

SAME HERE!! All 4 One was a great addition to the series, I don't see why these guys are hating on it. I'm a good ways through it now with a buddy of mine online, and it's loads of fun. The co-op "things" (dunno the correct word here), make it a lot of fun.

I think they are looking at this game like the other games, which is an incorrect way of looking at it. It's different, and if you play with a good friend whom also loves the series, it will be great. I haven't played by myself outside of the very first level, so I don't know of the AI problems.

guitarded772364d ago

I liked because it was free with my PS+ this month.

Mintyrebel2364d ago

One opinion piece I actually agree with! Good on you!

sriki0072364d ago

duke nukem was the worst!!!! And what with 10 years in development.. Pathetic game.

ps3rulz2364d ago

I actually liked duke nukem forever. Sure it had a lot of flaws but i enjoyed it, am i the only one?? Lol

Hicken2364d ago

Ten years and half a dozen developers and you expected it to be great? It'd be different if only one team had worked on it for all that time, but...

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The story is too old to be commented.