FIFA 13 VsPro Evolution 13: Who's Winning?

X360: FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution 2013 are ready to fight it out on the digital football pitch, but which game is going to emerge victorious?

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Walker2154d ago

Without doubt; FIFA 13 .

Vitalogy2154d ago

To be fair as for now nobody is winning because the games aren't even out yet.

akaakaaka2150d ago

Pes is far superior game in terms of gameplay=fun sine pes11
you should give pes13 a try, I bet you will fall in love, if you dare to take off your fanboy glasses off.

Maniacs_World2147d ago

Unless PES makes MAJOR changes and gets more than, what is it, 4 licensed leagues?... Then Fifa 13. I've played both and let's be honest, PES 12 feels like a bootlegged Fifa 08.