This Man’s Making a Game About His Native Iran. So, Of Course, They Branded Him a Spy

What does it take to be accused of espionage? For Navid Khonsari, all he had to do was start making a game about his homeland.
If you've been waiting to hear more about 1979—the game that Khonsari's been developing about the socio-cultural turmoil of the Iranian Revolution—you may have noticed that things have been quiet for a while. There's a reason for that.

"When word got out about the game, it got picked up by the conservative newspaper in Iran and I got written up as a spy," Khonsari relates. "They're basically saying that I'm making propaganda. So, as a result, I can't go back to Iran now. It really sucks because I've got some family there, including elderly relations."

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Saryk2097d ago

Man that sucks. Hopefully Iran will open up....