RE: The Wii-U’s Power Problem

Capsule Computers writes -
"Have you ever come across a news article, an opinion piece, or even a text-book that you knew was just plain wrong on a certain subject? Recently, whilst perusing Kotaku, I had come across just one such article. Namely the one titled The Wii-U’s Power Problem. Essentially what it is that this article states, with the assistance of unverifiable sources, is that the Wii-U will not be able to run Unreal Engine 4 games and will be a significantly gimped gaming console in comparison to the super-mega-power-houses that are the supposed Next-gen Xbox and Playstation consoles."

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LinkageAX1669d ago

It's like they didn't even research it...

masterabbott1669d ago

Have to agree .. this article is spot and and very well written. Seems like Kotaku didnt do their research at all and instantly downgrading the power and potential that the Wii U has. Just because its called a WII doesnt mean it's not capable of running top quality games!.. get with it kotaku.

ATi_Elite1669d ago

It has Long been rumored and even stated by Nintendo themselves that the WiiU would have some form of a AMD HD4000 Series GPU in it along the lines of a HD4770 or higher.

Anyone with Knowledge of GPU's or the Common sense to look up a GPU chart would EASILY know that a HD4770 CRUSHES the GPU's in the PS3/360!

EcoSos31669d ago

Epic even said that the unreal engine will be optimize to be use from iphones to home consoles, so if an iphone can run it so can the WiiU.

yewles11669d ago

Good, now all we need is bitmob and destructoid to get into it, then we can pick at the pieces... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

LostDjinn1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Countering an article based on hearsay with and article based on hearsay?

Is this a joke? How can either side be justified in writing such crap? Oh well. I'll try to look on the bright side. Err...It's great to see "gaming journalists" maintaining consistency.

LinkageAX1669d ago

You mean like how actual evidence was supported based on facts that we already knew about?

futurefrog1669d ago

you are a joke LostDjinn

Shok1669d ago

I'm facepalming at Kotaku's article, of course, not this one.

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