Analysis: NPD Hardware Sales 2007

1/21/08 - Matt Matthews of Next Generation writes:

"What did 2007's record-breaking sales tell us about the three-way console race? Matt Matthews breaks down last year's NPD numbers to see what it all means in this in-depth analysis."

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HuntTheWumpus3557d ago

all the graph's and piecharts scare everyone away from commenting on this one?

Intrepid3557d ago

"We came. Wii conquered."

Best magazine cover title ever.

HCS3557d ago

And xbox 360 is here to STAY.

Zhuk3557d ago

Xbox 360 destroyed the PS3 these holidays in hardware and software sales. The PlayStation brand has successfully been sidelined this generation and the gaming industry is better because of it.

ColdWinter3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

who cares about hardware sales u keep talking about how the 360 destroys the ps3 but u failed to realize that the wii came and passed the 360

LOL ur like the biggest fanboy on this site

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The story is too old to be commented.