Strikefleet Omega Review (Modojo)

John Bedford (Modojo): 'An RTS-lite with pretensions of Homeworld' may not sound like the most flattering description of a game, but the fact is I'm having a blast with Strikefleet Omega. As with the classic PC game, humanity is under a dire assault in space and so you need to take charge of a fleet of starships in order to ensure that the Mothership, I'm sorry, Command Ship isn't completely obliterated by the assaulting army, prematurely ending each mission.

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ThanatosDMC2333d ago

This game is worth getting for Android phones. I have it on my HTC One S and it works perfectly fine but slows down a bit when there's a crap load of stuff on screen.

Great game but they do keep on trying to make you pay for stuff. It's free to download.