Is The NWO In WWE '13?

Some of the crowd members in the newly released Mike Tyson WWE '13 screenshots were wearing NWO shirts. Is this any indication that they're in the game?

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topgun332094d ago

I think they should, or have Razor Ramon, and the fans can create the nWo stable with him, Nash and Hogan. I personally do not see how having Hall in there would hurt their publicity. They have hired and rehired wrestlers with drug addiction problems such as Jeff Hardy, and their publicity has not taken a hit, in fact the fans loved it. Razor Ramone has not been in a wwe game since the wrestlemania arcade game, and the character of Scott Hall has been in the wii Wrestlemania X8 game.

iXenon2094d ago

The crowd hasn't worn NWO shirts in the previous games?

2pacalypsenow2094d ago

NWO wasnt in the Attitude Era , they were in WCW in 1998-2001

topgun332094d ago

The attitude era was Vince's response during the MOnday night wars to compete with WCW. The nWo was running rampant so he created DX to counter that. Eric Bishoff was the on screen heel gm on WCW, Vince was the Higher Power on WWE

2pacalypsenow2094d ago

IM gonna love if he says "Stone cold don't you do it you son of a bitch!!"

Sainox162093d ago

Stone Cold said "What?!" Lol

derekbrooks192092d ago

they should be in i dont see a problem with them putting the nwo in would be awesome

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