"No one is bored of Spider-Man" says Beenox

GamerZines writes: "Spider-Man studio Beenox has said it hasn’t tired of working on Spider-Man games after completing its third consecutive game in the Marvel hero’s franchise."

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CustardTrout2097d ago

No we're not, the last one just sucked.

Rampaged Death2097d ago

This generation hasn't been kind to Spidey. I hope this new game changes that and Beenox know to keep the games open world.

iluvps3952097d ago

The game looks like a current gen version of spiderman 2 for ps2.....which is not a bad thing because I really had good old fashion fun on that. I will probably pick it up in a few weeks.

TopDudeMan2097d ago

So that means if this does good, they'd make another one, I guess.

Anderson82097d ago

theyll make another one even if its bad

vortis2097d ago

They don't shut down the factory because of a little spoiled milk.

Kotick don't play that.

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The story is too old to be commented.