New Halo 4 Toys

Those magical folk at Jada Toys are releasing these awesome Halo 4 die-cast models.

Happily, they’ll be available to purchase in August, a full 2 months before the actual game is released on November 6th.

Series-1 models from the upcoming Halo 4 video game include the Warthog, Banshee, Mongoose, and Ghost.

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Hardlydan1977d ago

While not the biggest Halo fan I am a sucker for game related toys and figures. No doubt these shall be on my shelves later in the year.

BistFrond1977d ago

I want the Ghost and that ickle Grunt.

Summons751977d ago

Glad to see the Hornets are back =] Hornet and Flacon need to both be in the game

eXclurel1977d ago

I think they are too shiny.

But I want that Ghost!

gamer2341977d ago

Do u guys still play with toy

SockeyBoy1977d ago

My wife still does! haha sorry.