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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Set for 2013

A brand new game has been confirmed for PS3/360. (Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

tayz  +   1107d ago
HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CaptainSheep  +   1107d ago
Zefros  +   1107d ago
too early in my opinion. the differences from UNS2 to generations is minimal, only more characters and the story mode is shitty the way it playes. in my opnion UNS 1 had the best story mode and generations 3 has a more compact online mode. UNS3 needs to go back and learn from generations online and the storymode of UNS. Side missions, rpg elements and replay value besides online is what UNS3 needs.
alien626  +   1107d ago
well UNS 1 and 2 where on the story and Generation was more of UNS 1& 2 combine into but in short story. I cant wait for UNS 3 going to be around the war. means a lot of characters will be playable. I cant wait to play with legends from the naruto world
Coolmanrico  +   1107d ago
I went ahead and skipped Generations. I had a feeling UNS3 was coming, they just were waiting for the Anime/Manga to get further along in the war.
Snookies12  +   1107d ago
I see a Kyuubi boss battle! D:
Dday141  +   1107d ago
In the game I want Narutos Ultimate to be him making a rasengan so powerful and so big, its bigger than the entire planet. He tries to hit his opponent with it but instead he just crushes the planet and the game automatically ends in a double KO.
FlareDReborn  +   1107d ago
LOLNo. CC2 will never make ultimate's as over the top and sexy as they were in Ultimate Ninja 1-5 and Storm 1. They lose creativity.
KingOptimusOrigin111  +   1107d ago
This is going to be awesome.
spartan112g  +   1107d ago
I feel that this is too soon. I thought they were not going to make a new one until the Ninja War was over.
Tokyo_reject  +   1107d ago
Dude it says 2013...the ninja war WILL be over by then lol.
spartan112g  +   1106d ago
I'm not entirely sure it will be over seeing as how it is being dragged out so much, and it still just feels like it is too soon. Generations literally just came out a couple of months ago. They should take a break. Maybe make a Vita game. Haha
Mystickay86  +   1106d ago
I hope you're right. If fillers come up, it would take up 2-3 months.
Suryansh15  +   1107d ago
Awesome!!! I can't wait for it!!!!
Drewminati  +   1106d ago
Can they finally let it have a 4 player mode like the Gamecube version
Y_5150  +   1106d ago
I think that's not Ninja Storm buddy...Are you thinking of Clash of Ninja?
trenso1  +   1106d ago
UNS3 needs to go back and be more like UNS1 clashing jutsus, longers ultimates, more unlocks, more rpg elements, more side missions, open world like in the first one where you could literally explore the whole village. online isnt need. A lot of the people just find overpowered combo when using support characters or just spam some ridiculous move. and bring back substitution that consumes your chakra not that stupid substitution bar that only let you do it 4 times till it needed to recharge. once that was depleted you were open for a hard hitting combo. i dont want this game to go the way dbz games have been going, crap gameplay and bigger rosters budokai 3 on ps2 imo is still the best dbz game yet.
listenkids  +   1106d ago
Hopefully they take their time on this, as the Manga comes to a close, a final Shippuden game would be a nice touch.
johnnyc11  +   1106d ago
Sweeet! I can't wait for this game. Naruto Shippuden is one of favorite anime shows. And the first two games were awesome. Sadly, this will probably be the last Ultimate Ninja Storm game so I hope it is awesome.
Y_5150  +   1106d ago
I love the Storm series! Generation disappointed me, it was great on character selection but the gameplay, story, and online was messed up. I hope Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 would be more like 1 and 2 but more like the first!

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