E3 2012: SimCity Preview []

GamingUnion: "The latest edition of iconic developer Maxis’ world-building series, SimCity, will be its first major update in nearly a decade, and I think I speak for all of us when I say, it’s about time! SimCity 2000, with its seemingly endless freedoms and imaginative possibilities, had a big impact on my childhood gaming vocabulary, so the announcement of a modern-day revival filled me with excitement... and critical objectively, of course. To my delight, SimCity stays true to its roots, while adding intricately-detailed models, increased customization across the board, online multiplayer, and much more."

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claud32212d ago

Great serues. But being connected all the time to play. Just puts me of

JDouglasGU2212d ago

unfortunately it's the new normal for this type of game... hopefully EA doesn't make it too invasive.

claud32212d ago

True. But i hate the online connection all the time