RUMOR - EA cancels Wii U version of next-gen Sony/Microsoft title

GoNintendo: The following is all rumored information about a supposed canned Wii U project.

- was in the works for PS4/720/PC/Wii U
- coming from EA
- used the Frostbite engine
- was successfully ported to Wii U
- concerns over big-budget games and low stocks forced EA to remove the Wii U version

Again, all rumors, but the source is someone that has gotten insider info in the past. Make of it what you will. Thanks to all of you that sent this in!

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DaThreats2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

The WiiU will limited next-gen gaming.
It will be shafted and only good for Nintendo Exclusives
Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Yada, yada, ya
It's a cover up
And the WiiU is much less powerful than PS4/xbox 720

browngamer412069d ago

Oh sh-t you've seen the specs for Sony and Microsoft's next gen systems? For that matter you must have access to a WiiU that you've reversed engineered to know exactly how much power is under the hood..awesome thanks for the heads up!

inveni02068d ago

I think it's pretty obvious that the next PS and Xbox will blow WiiU out of the water. If that's the case, however, then developers have no choice but to leave WiiU in the dust of the new generation.

ziggurcat2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

it's painfully obvious that the Wii U isn't *that* powerful. over the course of its development cycle, it might be a little better than what the PS3 and 360 are currently capable of, but to try and argue that the Wii U will be as powerful as the next xbox, and playstation?? lol, keep reaching for that rainbow, buddy.

browngamer412068d ago

@ Ziggurcat
O.k. "buddy" I'll keep reaching as long as you keep trolling! I love how you guys are "in the know" it's funny as hell! I don't see how it's "painfully" obvious that the WiiU isn't that much more powerful, to me it seems "painfully" obvious that you just want that to be the case...anyways seems to me that being able to run the best of current gen graphics with barely any development time right out the gate makes it "painfully" obvious that the U is plenty powerful with much more to it "buddy"?

blitz06232068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Do not forget the PS3 was said to be more powerful than the 360 - yet most games were developed equally for both platforms, some even perform better on the 360.

So do not dismiss the Wii U. Nobody even knows half the details of it, and don't start talking about the the next Xbox or PS4 either.

Saying the Wii U will limit the next gen is rubbish. If it is revealed to be weaker than the 720 and PS4, then multiplatform games will still be on the 720 and the PS4 - just like this generation. How exactly is that being limited?

THESONYPS32068d ago

As you said the Wii U is running some games from the Xbox360 and PS3 but they don't look as good. Have you seen Batman AC on it? The PS3 version was compared and looks 2 times as good. I do know about the PS4 and can say that WiiU will look like the Wii in terms of power compared to the PS4 which is aiming to the most powerful console again.

BattleAxe2068d ago

The WiiU is not going to do too well. Everyone say it with me!....Dreamcast 2!

yabhero2068d ago

Ignore them all... Ziggurcat , invenio, thesonyps3
No one knows how powerful WiiU or the other next gen consoles are . I love Sony but statistically speaking they more likely to have the weakest console. Out of the last three gen nintendo has only had the weakest console once... Unlike ivenio said its not obvious that ps4 and NextBox are going to blow anything out of the water... Fanboys like those 3 are expecting an exact copy on this gen...

Let's pretend that WiiU is a little more powerful than this gen... That mean it can pull of thing like uncharted or the last of us... Engines like luminous don't blow games like that out of water... The gap in graphic will never be as big a something like halo 2 to halo and Sony are not going to go super high end and sell at loss when they can make a powerful enough console and keep things under... Who says WiiU is going to be weak? Forget the fact that Nintendo wouldn't be able to get tech old enough to to be on par with those systems. Forget the fact that IBM already. Confirmed power7 tech which even scaled back would outperform the ps3 advanced cell chip 3:1... Forget its been rumored since day 1 that the system has 1.5 gb ram which is 3 times that in the 360.. Forget that fact you would need a lot of power to get anything up and running on 2 tablet screens at native 720p 30fps and 60fps for games like pikmin... Neither ps3 or 360 can do that... Forget all that and think about this.
When a company comes out and openly admits their mistakes, do you think that are stupid enough to make the EXACT sane mistake again?

modesign2068d ago

from what everyone has shown about the wiiu, you can Definetely know that the WIIU is not even going to be on par with the next gen xbox/ps. When devs are saying the wiiu is not as powerfull as a ps3, what makes you think it will be close to anything next gen. get your head out of nintendos ass and get to the real world.

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samtheseed2068d ago Show
Rockoman162068d ago

Talking out of your ass?

-Superman-2068d ago

Nintendo: WiiU will be powerful as Xbox 360 1.5 time
Microsoft: Next Xbox will be 6-7 time more powerful as Xbox 360

So ye..

PS4 and X720 will be new space, very powerful, while WII U will be weak same as PS3, Xbox 360 and WII very weak.

yabhero2068d ago

According to places like ign and Fudzilla NextBox will be 6 and WiiU will be 4

StarFox2068d ago

did it not just say "concerns over big-budget games and low stocks forced EA to remove the Wii U version" oh let me guess you can't read.

fatstarr2068d ago

Crysis dev team already said next gen isnt what we expect.

taint2067d ago

The Wii U will continue to be able to take PS3 and Xbox 360 ports. If anyone thinks that Xbox 360 and PS3 games will cease to be created after next holiday you're wrong. The install base will be so big that developers won't be able to ignore it simply because new hardware will exist in 2013 holiday. The Wii U exists only as a stopgap measure to bring in the (proper) Call of Duty money in along with any other title that isn't exclusive. If you want to learn what the future is and how it will work, you have to think like a business, not just what makes sense to you personally.

donman12067d ago

If this rumor is true…. the reason does not make any sense. The huge positive i get from this rumor, if true, is that Wii U can hang with the so called power house coming from Sony and Microsoft.

The rumor said the port to Wii U was without problems and smooth. To recap… we know the new Frostbite engine works on Wii U as do CryEngine 3.4, which was said to being use by a 3rd party developer on a game not yet announced for Wii U. Epic, it is now your turn to confirm or deny that your latest engine runs on Wii U.

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SpitTake2069d ago

DaTreats, did you read the article, if it's real, they removed the Wii U version because of financial troubles.
Also how will WiiU limit next-gen?

LOL_WUT2069d ago

"EA cancels Wii U version of next-gen Sony/Microsoft title"

No big deal its not like the game got canceled all together it's still coming out for the other two consoles.

Moncole2068d ago

So they cancelled an unannounced games for unannounced platforms. How can anyone believe this?

jack_burt0n2068d ago

I agree with the above announcement. With my own Announcement.

Kurt Russell2067d ago

You're right as always my handsome friend.

samtheseed2068d ago

I'm an unannounced developer and I've just cancelled an unannounced game on two unannounced consoles from MS and Sony. It is still being developed for the WiiU, but is unannounced as of yet.

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