GNT: Xbox Reveal New Reward Scheme- What Can We Expect?

Soon after the Official Xbox Rewards Twitter feed was followed by 50,000 Twitter users, it was announced that a new rewards scheme would be put in place this coming Fall. The reward scheme would involve gaining rewards through earning achievements via Xbox, Games for Windows and Xbox Live via Windows Phone. But what will this mean for users of Microsoft’s premium gaming devices? Is it a good or bad idea? How will this benefit you as the gamer? With the money problems we are facing these days this can only be a good idea… can’t it?

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betrayed gamer2071d ago

dunno i have 50 achievement points do i get to convert those to ms points?

360GamerFG2071d ago

50 achievement points?? No you get to convert them into digital shame!!

DeFFeR2070d ago

Maybe we can buy a "reply" button...

blackstrr4112070d ago

The achievement points should be used to purchase avatar items n stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.