GNT Review: Unit 13

Zipper Interactive of SOCOM makes their debut appearance on the PlayStation VITA with the Third Person Tactical Stealth…ish Shooter Unit 13. Is the VITA’s first real shooter worth the pick up? Or should you let this one sneak by unnoticed?

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PoSTedUP2156d ago

i didn't really like it. it's made by zipper but it's missing some core elements like prone, being able to switch from crouch to standup, online vs, stealth attacks (correct me if im wrong), and a few others. i just felt like it was too generic like i have played this b4.

one2thr2156d ago

Those reasons are why I traded it in for the MGS HD collection

Ulf2155d ago

Thus game has spent more time running on my Vita than any other thusfar. It's a worthy purchase -- the demo is all the review you ever really need.

spok222155d ago

I thought i would be playing it for a while so i bought it on PSN. Havent touched it since ive platinumed it...