Valve On Why Games Could Very Well Fix Education

Nathan Grayson of RockPaperShotgun writes, "The first time I ever played Portal was damn near magical. Each room I walked into held promise of some diabolical new assault on both my brain and the laws of physics, but I made them look like child’s play. At the time, I was certain it proved I was a genius with an IQ so huge that even my bulging genius brain couldn’t count that high. Of course, I soon came to find out that everyone experienced Portal that way. So I wasn’t a genius. But the puzzle designers at Valve were."

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_Aarix_2035d ago

If theres one thing I've learned on N4G is that video games do not improve education.

dorron2035d ago

Videogames and education don't work together...

Mintyrebel2034d ago

They do if you want to be a game developer...