NVIDIA Tegra 3 - E3 2012 Video Interview

Player Attack: The NVIDIA Tegra 3 hardware is the world's only 4-PLUS-1 quad core mobile processor, and while it can be used for a whole bunch of thoroughly practical applications, while we were at E3, we got to see this new power harnessed for pure enjoyment, as Keita Iida walked us through some of the new games that are only playable thanks to NVIDIA technology.

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iNFAMOUZ12279d ago

this goes in the tech section FAIL.

sorceror1712279d ago

I've actually been impressed with the graphics of the games on the Transformer Prime my wife got me - I think that's what the tablet/keyboard combo they show. A surprising amount of power, especially when the battery life is ridiculously good.

AllroundGamer2279d ago

so many effects and people still rather play just some angry birds on the go :p

CryWolf2279d ago

NVIDIA's coming back yo and its about time I hope MS can adapts there new Next-Gen XBOX in nvidia's Kepler technology cause the graphics looks Awesome with NVIDIA GTX 690 or NVIDIA GTX 680.