Rewind: Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal Gear Solid 2 is notorious among Metal Gear fans, alternately loved and loathed. Yet it’s arguably one of the most influential games in the series. It lay the building blocks for future gameplay. Of course, that means it was a big departure in many ways from the rigid 2D formula followed even by the PSOne game. After the glorious survival based MGS3 and the technically proficient MGS4, how has the founder held up all of these years?

In Metal Gear Solid 2, you play as the legendary agent, Solid Snake, as he tries to- well… not really. You see, the game is actually broken up into two chapters, Tanker and Plant. During the Tanker chapter you play as Snake and are backed up by tech genius, Otacon. Other than graphical improvements, engine changes and more complex sneaking, the feel of the Tanker chapter is almost indistinguishable from the original Metal Gear Solid. It feels like a “proper” sequel and serves as a prologue which can be beaten in under an hour. Much of the real ga...

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Batzi2213d ago

"Agree" if you are playing this on the Vita.

pr0digyZA2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Agree loving it on vita (never played 2 or 3 as my first MG game was number 4 and then peace walker on PSP) Sorry cant actually agree on you it seems I get an error.

Edit: looks like error is because of firefox so I clicked agree :P

NukaCola2213d ago


Wow doing MGS Tarantino style? I know a lot of people who played MGS4 first and didn't gt it. Once you play the first three you will notice the hundreds of Easter Eggs that Kojima put in MGS4. You ought to play it again after you play 1-3.

cpayne932213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Man you need to play mgs 1 if you haven't. The BEST in terms of script, storyline, and voice acting imo. Not to mention the gameplay is still awesome. Its actually my favorite game of all time, I only first played it a year or two ago.

pr0digyZA2213d ago

Lol ye It took me two playthroughs to know what was going on, especially when they have names like big boss etc... after I am done with 2 and 3 ill try get number one and then play number four again.

Knushwood Butt2213d ago

My Vita copy arrives next weekend..

ANIALATOR1362213d ago

Will be as soon as it comes out here for the UK :)

Son_Lee2213d ago

I think it's the best Metal Gear.

TrueGaming2213d ago

IMO, I love the MGS series!!! I personally think this is the king of Sony's exclusives atm but that's only because I played MGS 1 on PS1 and found out Kojimas genius(honestly I was hooked after the trailer for MGS).. For those 1st trying MGS , I agree with what my other peers are saying, that if you want to play any of the later titles, play from 1 & up so that you can experience the WHOLE story & play some of the best games EVER made... BTW MGS collection out now for like $30 and believe me, you WILL get your moneys worth. LONG LIVE GAMING!!!!

Fyflin2213d ago

I've been waiting what feels like forever for this to be released on the Vita in the UK!

I remember just before the PS2 launched, MGS2 felt like the biggest thing on the entire planet at the time. The hype was just incredible.

It's crazy though, there was more interactivity in MGS2 (shooting the bucket of ice in the bar on the tanker for example - it even slowly melted!) than in most modern games now.

Dazel2213d ago

While it's undoubtedly dated now, I still have a soft spot for MGS2. The hype before launch, playing the demo from the zone of enders game (nicked the disc out of the rental box) over and over to being late for work because I wanted to see the start screen return blue after the (soooo long) end credits. Always will be my favorite game, EVER!

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The story is too old to be commented.