Phantasy Star Online 2 - My Glorious Lovefest with a Girl that Doesn't Understand Me

Pixels or Death's Chris Leddy sings the praises of the Phantasy Star Online 2 open beta:

"PSO2 breaks these boring MMO tropes; Oh you have to travel here? Nah fuck that, here’s a stage, get yo’ party and go for it. Oh you have to collect 50 feathers? Nah bro, how about some fun quests instead. Oh you want a story in a sci-fi setti–Oh well okay, they might not have have seen BioWare actually releasing The Old Republic within the next decade, but still – there’s a story in there too. And the hack and slash gameplay? Oh my! Some of the best."

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Lord_Sloth2220d ago

I can't wait for this game!

Kamikaze1352220d ago

I tried out the open beta a few hours ago. The character creation is absolutely amazing. It would be hard to run into somebody who looks like you....given that you take a bit of time to make your character, of course.

Combat is awesome. Graphics are great. Controls are slick. I look forward to seeing what the game has to offer. I also look forward for the English patch somebody is supposedly working on.....

Lavalamp2220d ago

Loving the beta. I start nostalgia trippin' from the familiar sound clips and soundtrack. So glad the Mags are back.

SubZeroMaster2220d ago

how would one such as i, get into the beta? when dos it end

Lavalamp2220d ago

The beta will last until the game is released sometime this summer, so you've got quite a bit of time to try it out. All you need to do is make a Japanese account on Sega's website and then download the client.

This page compiles all of the guides you might ever want when accessing the beta:

SirBradders2220d ago

Best PSO yet it captures the original PSO episode one and 2 sort of atmosphere and brings its own uniqueness to it to bring it up to date with the modern mmo scene and its FREEEEEEEE for crying out loud.

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