Final Fantasy XI is the Most Profitable Final Fantasy Ever

Wondering why more than ten years after its release Square Enix is still building upon the Final Fantasy XI universe with a new expansion pack? CEO Yoichi Wada provided a big clue during a speech at the Vana Fest 2012 event yesterday.

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NovusTerminus1854d ago

Well, DUH!

That is what happens when you charge 11.95 a month, plus 1usd for characters. Every 6 months they have repurchased the game.

Ranma11853d ago

When is Square Enix gonna make a good Final Fantasy game like Squaresoft used to?

Xalaris1853d ago

Speaking of Squaresoft, anyone know when the FFX remake for PS3 and Vita will come out? I haven't seen much news for it... :/

Godmars2901854d ago

Sounds like a bad thing in regards to ever getting a game with a story if you ask me - this is why FF12 and FF13 look and play like MMOs.

GraveLord1854d ago

I bet Final Fantasy VII is like #2.

Lord_Sloth1854d ago

I actually believe that XIII was the second. Sure the game wasn't great but they advertised the hell out of it and it was purchased a lot.

kratos1231854d ago

it sold less then all the other main ff games.
check it on vgchartz, they have some good stats.

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TheColbertinator1854d ago

Final Fantasy XI was great in its day but now its mainly dead.

I doubt FFXIV will have 10% of the success that XI had.

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The story is too old to be commented.