ASUS Prepping ARES Radeon HD 7870 X2 Graphics Card

WCCFTech writes: ASUS has been cooking up another ARES card namely the ARES 2 as VR-Zone reports. Utilizing two Radeon HD 7870 cores, the 7870 X2 card will use two Picairn XT GPUs with a massive 1 GHz clock speed and a beefy and solid Power Phase VRM for extreme overclocking coupled with an insane price tag.

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sonicsidewinder2099d ago

"ASUS has been cooking up another ARES card namely the ARES 2 as VR-Zone reports."

Sheeit, I knew sumat smelled good.

KiLLeRCLaM2099d ago

Nvidia is the best.. Nuff said

Farsendor12098d ago

nvidia and amd both have their good points and bad points. sometimes i go with nvidia sometimes i go with amd.

usually switch my graphic cards every year

infamous-butcher2099d ago

What is up with the recent lack of proper grammar in game journalism these days. It seems to be getting worse and worse.
" But one thing to note about it was the cards was that they still seemed to be unfinished"

OpenGL2098d ago

Don't forget that you're on N4G. Most of the sites posted here were created by teenagers trying to emulate sites like Kotaku and Joystiq. They are not professional journalists, and it is unlikely that many of them are college graduates.

IaMs122098d ago

I would still expect more coming from college graduates, especially if they are doing journalism.

Incipio2098d ago

@ infamous-butcher

I've found that not many publications (at least online, maybe not print) don't value or even think of having a copy editor on staff. It's quite a shame, to be honest.

crazytechfanatic2098d ago

with 1 person running a website do u think that's gonna happen?

Hanuman2098d ago

I'm not spending 500$+ on a videocard! That's just bullshit..

ninjahunter2098d ago

Luckily your are neither forced to buy it, nor are all cards priced at $500.