The Community: "Tribes: Ascend: The Real Skill-Based Shooter"

The Community's Incontrol88 reviews Tribes: Ascend, free-to-play shooter from Hi-Rez studios.

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Hal0_0_EmElG2186d ago

Makes cod look like a little girl , real skeelllzz and no auto aim like consouls , a fps player with a "controller has no control".

Hal0_0_EmElG2186d ago

"What is a consoul?"

A console that is treated like a religious object as dictated by console fanatics who swear an oath it by devoting themselves to brand loyalty by throwing all logic & reasoning out the window and channel their energy through the consoul to the all mighty console god.

TheCommunity2184d ago

Haha, thanks for the comments guys. I gotta agree Hal0, Tribes is definitely a huge reminder that consoles haven't scared the PC off the FPS jungle gym just yet.