Kotaku: Why Gundam Extreme VS is the Best Anime-Based Game Ever Made

Kotaku: "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS, the tenth game in the Gundam VS series, is the most popular home and portable console fighting game of this generation in Japan. It's also practically unheard of in the West. And while those outside of Japan may think that Extreme VS is nothing more than a cheap tie-in game, leeching off the success of its brand name, it really is a lost gem that gamers the world over are missing out on."

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KillaManiac1881d ago

And North Americans don't have it!


NewMonday1881d ago

it's a fighting game, so importing is convenient

tarbis1880d ago

I have it and I enjoyed it very much ^o^

Robotronfiend1880d ago

A punch needs no translation. :-)