Nintendo 3DS XL stupidity, it’s for adults too

Product-Reviews writes: We have heard some stupid things from bloggers and mainstream media over the years, but hearing certain bloggers stating the new Nintendo 3DS XL is only for kids is completely stupid. This is the opinion of a number of reporters, which state the 2012 3DS XL is made for kids or very young adults. We strongly disagree with this view, and it seems that some reporters believe that adult gamers aren’t real adults.

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danswayuk2067d ago

I love Mario and like the idea of a bigger display for the 3DS, "only for kids" opinions just show how stupid some people are.

tr00p3r2067d ago

The 3DS XL is not for me, but it is also not only for kids.

dedicatedtogamers2067d ago

The 3DS XL is a cash-grab to get current 3DS owners to rebuy the system. They should have added in that second slider pad, but instead they simply added some size and some battery life? Boring.

klecser2067d ago

This is true of every handheld system throughout their history. Stop trolling.

mewhy322065d ago

That was NOT a trolling statement. The term trolling is wildly abused and misused on this site. This user was meerly stating they're opinion, to which they are entitled. Look up the definition of trolling before misusing it again.

klecser2064d ago

Wait, are you dedicatedtogamers proxy account?

live2play2067d ago

haha and what were the many iterations of the psp? or the ps3 slim? or the xbox slim? or new ds colors?

ALL companies do this

not even just gaming companies

they try to invent new ways to get money from you

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The story is too old to be commented.