Where does the violence belong?

This was an article I wrote and researched completely on my own. The interviews and quotes are all from time I spent conducting interviews. This entire article is relevant to every person and fan of gaming and it is something that should be discussed even though the topic comes up a lot. What do you all think about it?

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RuleNumber52098d ago

What do you all think about violence in video gaming? Like this article talks about

DestinyHeroDoomlord2097d ago

It just depends really on what you like, like shooting people in the face and seeing brains on the wall or growing plants and feeding pinata's. Violence has its place.

iluvps3952097d ago

Violence in games is pretty awesome. I would rather see it in a game than see it in a movie. Movie violence can be disturbing for example the torture scene from Man on Fire. Game violence, like the GeOW3 executions, are badazz in my opinion. That doesn't make me a sick person, I just like it.

ElementX2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

"This was an article I wrote and researched completely on my own" What's with the intro? This isn't a middle school paper. People should already know these things.

PoSTedUP2097d ago

In my bellayy!! err, i mean on my t.v.

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