EA looking at GamePad and SmartGlass similarly, Madden Wii U “will be the real deal”

Nintendoeverything:"EA sees some similarities between the Wii U GamePad and Microsoft’s SmartGlass. Cam Weber, the label’s general manager of American football, said that from a conceptual standpoint, look at the two technologies “in the same kind of way.”

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whitesoxfalife761979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

i skip madden for a few years so hopefully this will bring me back in a sense

dubal-e1979d ago

Itd be nice if you could audible with your voice, picks plays on your gamepad and scan your face into the game.

Tsalagi1978d ago

I loved being able to choose plays on the VMU screen on the Dreamcast in NFL 2K. Give us something like that for the Nintendo gamepad.

DarkHeroZX1978d ago

Sony should get them to consider similar features for the ps3+vita