Over 30 Songs and 80 Costumes For Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

Sega packing Vita Miku game with lots of new content.

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Y_51501946d ago

This could raise the sales over in Japan, I might want one and I never been to Japan! :)

EcoSos31946d ago

I most likely will import this game there is no chance this is getting out of japan.

WildArmed1945d ago

Hastune Miku is the name of the game? I'm not sure I follow what type of game this exactly is.

Krew_921945d ago

I find it strange that a music game has more costumes, than actual music.

SnipeySnake1945d ago

Because costumes are easier and cheaper to make and there is also licensing for music?..I'm just guessing tho.

tubers1945d ago

not exactly your typical music game with just mostly rhythm gameplay (like DJMax, DDR). This has AR stuff (fan service)..

and afaik, like other PJD games have EDIT mode where you piece together your own music video (choreograph) and even pick your own music.. and even arrange the button patterns. Pretty sure the variety in costumes help for creating a more personalized vocaloid video.

U got to consider that there are at least 7 characters in the game. I'm pretty confident those 80 costumes aren't just for one of those vocaloids.

tubers1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

It's Hatsune Miku "Project Diva f".

A rhythm game.

NovusTerminus1945d ago

Wonder if any of these costumes will be in PSO2...

user77927881945d ago

I wish Gravity Rush had this many costumes

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