EA's Origin Is A PC Gamer's Worst Nightmare

GR writes: "For a PC gamer, Steam is one of the best things since broadband internet. Not only does it house your entire library within a sleek interface, but it's sophisticated with tons of features ranging from cloud storage to user-generated content. It's no surprise that big corporations are trying to forcefullly take a piece out of Valve's extremely tasty pie."

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JonnyBigBoss2129d ago

Enough with the exclusives. I DON'T want to use your software and you're just making me upset by forcing me to use it.

decrypt2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

Lol with EA's current policies:

No mods,
Day one DLC,
Shutting down of online servers 2 years after game launch just so people are forced to buy the next game,
60usd game prices,
Dumbed down games for kids.

I can only see them being a success with the console crowd. They should honestly give up on the PC market lol. Leave that to Valve. The console crowd is used to that sort of treatment, it just wont gel with the PC crowd.

I did play BF3 on Origin, however after i was done with that game, Origin hasnt been loaded on my system in 6 months.

BitbyDeath2128d ago

One of EA's biggest games is on PC and meets most if not all your criteria.


They won't be leaving PC anytime soon i'm afraid.

BattleAxe2128d ago

I'm sure the EA is love'n this article lol.

Sashamaz2128d ago

I wanted to get portal 2 on Origin and a few other valve games but not shitty Valve has it exclusive to steam...get my point?

despair2128d ago

Not the point, its that the service is so bad that people want to look elsewhere for the games but cannot as its exclusive to their service. If they had a top notch service like Steam then maybe people would not make such a fuss but they are not even remotely close to what steam offers.

d0nni32127d ago

I would never write off Origin i hate it and don't touch it at all at the moment because it's horrible but for those of us that remember the beginnings of Steam it was such a peice of shit!

If it can evolve and change to it's customers needs and requests it can be great. It's really going to have to up it's game to compete with Steam though it's really in a league of it's own at the moment

dbjj120882129d ago

I know Origin sucks but I'm of the position that's it's time to just take it. EA wants to grow this service and as stupid as they are for it they're going to keep their titles exclusive to it. The choice is simple: use Origin or don't play EA games on PC.

Feralkitsune2128d ago

Competition is always good. I don't see why people complain so much; oh right they're crazy.

More competition = More sales for us.

SeekDev2127d ago

Do you mean competition relative to the services (Steam and Origin) or relative to the games they each possess? Because If you're talking about the services, then I agree, the competition of Valve's Steam service being so intuitive should push Origin to become better. But if you're talking about their games, there is no competition because the exclusive Origin games aren't on Steam, therefore EA can set their price to whatever they want and not worry about Steam at all. I just didn't know specifically what you were writing about so I covered both options.

PirateThom2129d ago

I don't see why people are still upset about this.

Are Valve going to release their titles on other services? No? Then why should EA?

TurboGamer2128d ago

Steam also has its own downfalls.(log on system that takes ages, non-working offline system and no localization of prices) Origin beats Steam in all of these.

Hairy Chewie2127d ago

I wouldn't say the non-localization of prices is a downfall. In Australia we get great deals based on the exchange rate and it's a major reason for us even using Steam.

CyanideMatt2128d ago

My friends and I have made an agreement to never play any games that require Origin. We had to say no to battlefield 3... no big deal. I hope that other people do this and that EA notices it.

Pandamobile2128d ago

After 15 million sales, I don't think they're going to take a hint.

bwazy2127d ago

If you don't try theres no chance in succeeding.

SeekDev2127d ago

Is that figure including console versions or not?

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