Has the Auction House Ruined Diablo III?

Chris Gravelle writes: I’m trying so hard not to be a cynic here, but it seems to me that Diablo and Diablo II fed loot to players at such a rapid rate that it was just silly. Diablo III seems to be trying to keep you from getting a constant string of loot going. Then I realized that I had made and spent about 30 dollars on the RMAH. Of that, Blizzard made a dollar off each transaction plus 15% and whatever else.

I really hate to go down this path. I completely understand that this is a cynical view that sounds like a guy whining about a change he doesn’t like. But it is much more than that. It is about the practices that a company puts in place that affect both their reputation and the integrity of the product.

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PaladinXII2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I haven't gotten to Inferno yet, but this patch seems... suspect.

BrutallyBlunt2093d ago

If they intended to make finding loot more difficult to persuade gamers to go to the auction house instead that is very shady. When you start having real money involved nothing but bad stuff is bound to happen. On top of that having the game force you to be online means playing solo just isn't the same as the games used to be. Not when you have an auction house and are forced to update your game that limits your loot.

Hufandpuf2094d ago

is everything in the auction house in the actual game that can be unlocked?

Bereaver2093d ago

Everything in the AH was found by players and put up for auction.

The problem is..... there is no bind on equip/account items except the herding staff.

And those who argue "but bind on equip isn't for Diablo, never has and never should be". Didn't remember that Auction houses weren't for Diablo either. It was just introduced in the 3rd iteration.

ostgar2094d ago

Everything is able to be found in the game - but the latest patch makes it harder than it was pre-patch to find it. Loot is very difficult to find through traditional Diablo style farming.

KingNintendoFanboy2094d ago

I think the real money auction house is stupid. I'm never going to spend a penny there.

Vivalajmax2094d ago

This whole thing seems like a huge gamble, I'm very curious to see what happens when I reach Inferno as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.