Weekend Roundup: Microsoft Re-Invents Surface, Nintendo Outs A New 3DS, And Solid Snake

PushStartSelect: "The weekend is here, and that means one thing! We had news for the past 5 days. Of course most PR people take a vacation on the weekend, like any normal person, so why not talk about what we already know? This week was rather exciting with a secret MS announcement, a Nintendo 3DS hits the fan, and Solid Snake is working up a 5th title. We have mixed thoughts on it all, and what to know what you think."

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ALLWRONG2093d ago

Can't wait to trade my iPad in

mcstorm2093d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on the surface pro. Ive been saying for a long time that tablets are still not what they should be as they are limited and we still need laptops or desk tops to do most of our day to day tasks on them and i want to see a fully blown tablet that is not limited but is also good for touch which windows 7 tablets are not at the moment but i really dont see the point in getting a ipad or android tablet once the new windows 8 tablets are out as you can get a rt tablet that will be the same price as ipad and android tablets which for home use will not have any issues and for power and business users we can get a Intel tablet that will use 99% of the software out there now but it will be very portable and smaller than a ultra book for around the same price too.

catch2093d ago

Congratulations on one of the longest run-on sentences I have ever read!