Split/Second: Velocity Review by Gaming on Batteries

TriVerse writes, "A typical lap in Split/Second will involve a ton of explosions, buildings falling down, debris flying across the track (sometimes altering the layout of the track itself) and did [we] mention that your opponents are largely in charge of when this happens (you have similar control available). Racing around the track is not always the primary goal in Split/Second where being last is sometimes the fastest way to finishing number one."

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Tachyon_Nova2365d ago

I loved this game, thought it was very hard done by in terms of reviews.

triverse2365d ago

@Tachyon_Nova, N4G is still messed up right now so I am replying like this.

Split/Second was never really given a fair chance for various reasons, it is sad because it really is a good game that does what it intended quite well.

iceman062365d ago

Guess I have to add my reply here as well. I thought that Split/Second had a great formula for a new type of arcade racer. I was really looking forward to a part 2. It's unfortunate that it will probably never happen unless the IP is picked up by someone else.